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Cindie's Guangxi, China Daily Blog Journal
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Pingxiang to CongJiang, China
(April 3 - May 21, 2003)

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April 3 Lang Son, Vietnam - Pingxiang, China. Terrain hilly, we are still in karst topography, road paved and in good condition.  We set off from Lang Son in a cloudy mist we rode 18 km to the town of Dong Dang where we had lunch before we crossed the border.  It was difficult to determine the right direction to go for the border, there were no signs pointing us to the border. We asked the moto bike guys and they pointed us in the right direction.  We found the Vietnamese immigration and handed over our passports for our exit stamp, many people were crossing the border today, most of them were Chinese returning to China.  The Vietnamese official had our passports for over 30 minutes they checked them on the computer and must have been looking at every stamp we had in our passport, it was the longest I had ever had to wait at a border.  I was patient like I had all day and waited for my passport calmly.  We said good-bye to Vietnam and hello to China.  Before we left the Vietnam side a Chinese tourist wanted a picture of Tim and I with her.  We pedaled to the Chinese side and I braced myself for the worst.  The immigration building was under construction and modern.  I found a customs officer who spoke fluent English and he helped me with the paperwork.  First I filled out our entry cards and then a statement saying that we were not sick or exposed to SARS in the last 4 weeks.  Then it was time to get our entry stamp, they stamped the date (4/3/2005), that was it.  When I asked how long my Visa was good for she said 90 days. Whew that was a relief.  I asked how long our extension would be good for and I was told an additional 90 days however, I would have to get that extension at a police station.  Well we will cross that bridge when we get to it.  I was happy that we had 90 days   When they came down to look at our bikes we asked if we needed to go through customs and they said no you can go now.  Whew, that was easy, we did not even have our luggage inspected.  With a happy heart we peddled into China.  The first thing I noticed was that I could not read a thing not a bit of English and no letters only symbols.  It made our head spin trying to decipher what we were looking at.  We rode into Pingxiang and looked for a bank to change money.  I got and exchange rate of 8 Yuan to 1 US dollar.  We then sat down at a restaurant and pulled out our Mandarin dictionary.  The owner of the restaurant was very helpful and showed me the kitchen.  I picked out tofu, pork and onions.  He whipped us up a delicious lunch.  It was pretty late in the day to make it to the next town so we decided to stay in Pingxiang.  We stayed in a fancy hotel for 70 Yuan ($9).  There were grocery stores next door and we had a blast (OK I had) shopping for food.  They had more variety then I expected, they also had strange things like packaged chicken feet. 35 km
April 4 Pingxiang - Ningming.  We woke to rain and waited until midmorning to leave.  The rain had let up but the roads were still wet.  We use to wait until sunny days to ride but given the fact that we have not seen the sun in weeks we decided that we need to push on.  Our bikes have fenders and our panniers are waterproof so riding in the rain is an option.  However it is slower and for me dirtier. I have to stay away from the spraying mud from Tim's rear wheel.  Ah well I just put on my amber colored glasses and everything looks brighter.  At least we get to ride today. The terrain is more rural then we expected.  The annoying motorbike is gone, replaced with new cars, buses, and  three wheeled motorbikes.  We rode through ginger fields today and the air was filled with the smell of fresh ginger.  The locals are timid, look indigenous, and are genuinely surprised to see us.  As we left town this morning a guy on a tuk tuk kept pointing at my legs, as if asking why I was wearing shorts, I guess he has never pedaled up a hill on a bike.  It may be damp and rainy but I still get warm riding up hill.  We reached Ningming and the rain began to come down hard. We scouted out a couple of hotels and found one for 50 Yuan ($6.20).  It had hot water and a western toilet.  All we needed to be comfortable.  I am learning that our phrase book will be our most valuable book for a long time. 42 km.
April 5 Ningming - Banli. Another rainy morning, I am getting use to setting off in the wet.  Terrain is hilly, scenery rural and traffic light.  It has been a relief from the high traffic volume in Vietnam.  We were not sure where we would be spending the night, it is not obvious to us where the hotels are and where foreigners can stay.  We stopped for lunch and had soup and vegetables.  The noodles were actually spaghetti and the vegetables were cabbage and roasted peas.  I enjoyed lunch and it was just what we needed to pedal on.  We are still getting in shape from the long time off in Hanoi.  We came to the town of Banli and stopped for a drink. We asked where a hotel was and we were pointed to a tall building.  The hotel was very basic. Two beds in a room with a TV, the sheets were clean but the blanket was not.  I used my sleeping bag for a blanket.  The bathroom was down stairs and was a squat toilet with a hot water heater.  The room was not clean enough for me to take a shower.  I passed on the shower and so did Tim.  The cost of the room was 30 Yuan ($3.75).  We had dinner next door for 20 Y ($2.50). 70 km
April 6 Banli - Suxu. The weather is improving and the roads were dry when we set off today.  Terrain was hilly to rolling.  I was hoping we would make it all the way to Nanning.  The first hour I rode hard to keep up with Tim and was bewildered why I was working so hard.  Then I looked down at my rear tire and noticed that my tire was going flat.  My first one in Asia!  This flat was sneaky too, it was a slow leak that gradually made pedaling hard.  After fixing our flat we stopped for lunch at a large town.  We stopped at a cafeteria type restaurant.  It was easy to pick out what we wanted.  I had corn mixed with onions, tofu, cabbage, and pork with peppers. Tim had corn with onions, bean sprouts, tofu, and pork with peppers.  The food was delicious.  I grew tired after 70 km and we decided to stop for the night.  We stopped in Suxu, one of the ugliest towns I have ever seen.  The buildings were functional only and everything was made of brick.  We asked about a hotel and were pointed at a new building.  We had a room with private bath for 20 Y ($2.50) the cheapest yet in China.  We did not have hot water.  We got hot water from the clerk and made our own hot shower.  For me it is worth carrying our solar shower for just these occasions.  The people were pleasant in town and we had another great dinner.  Once again, I went into the kitchen and picked out our dinner.  I also asked for no monosodium glutamate (MSG).  In Hanoi I noticed that MSG is sold like salt, I do not like the stuff and have to ask that it not be added to my food.  I do like that at all the restaurants the bowls are taken out of a hot water bath and disposable chopsticks are provided.  As a traveler I like the disposable chopstick.  It prevents me from getting sick. 77 km
April 7 Suxu - Nanning.  Terrain flat with a few hills, road paved but very bumpy in a few places, head wind in the morning changing to a slight tailwind by midmorning and traffic picked up to moderate.  The ride into Nanning was easy.  Nanning has been one of the easiest cities to ride into.  The bike lane is separate from the car lane and it is easy to ride through town.  Nanning is very modern  with a few familiar sights like Wal-Mart, Pizza Hut, and a McDonalds.  It was a strange transition from the country where carts are drawn by water buffalo, farming is done mostly by hand and then ride into tree lined streets, modern skyscrapers, and orderly traffic.  There are only a few budget hotels in Nanning, we went to the Phoenix Hotel and went in and asked for a room.  The lowest they had was US$64 a night and the highest was $850 per night (are they joking, what could be worth that much?).  I told the clerk that was too expensive and she showed me some other rooms that were $10 and $12.  The building they took me to said Sunshine Palace.  It was a bit run down but I did not mind.  I looked at both rooms and picked the $12 because it was large enough to keep our bikes inside.  45 km
April 8 Nanning, A sunny day, it figures.  Time to clean up and figure out the internet.  I went shopping at Wal-mart today. It was similar yet different, all the labels were in Chinese.  The seafood section looked like a pet shop to me, all the fish we swimming in tanks waiting to be scooped up by a customer.  
April 9 Nanning.  A happy birthday to my little sister Denise.  
April 10 Nanning - Binyang.   Terrain rolling to hilly.  Wind from the east northeast.  Today is a holiday where everyone visits their ancestors grave. We heard fireworks throughout the day.  Everything was closed including most restaurants. We found a restaurant in Binyang and it had all the meat laid out to pick.  Heart, intestine, chicken with the head and feet still on and then we saw a pan of puppy paws, yes puppy paws, it made me so sad.  We decided on chicken and Tim tried to tell the guy to throw away the head, we did not want it.  It was comical because the guy never understood him because our chicken arrived head and all.  I am switching to an all vegetable diet.  I love the vegetables here, the only problem is they love to lace their food with MSG, it can ruin a good dish.  Our room cost 60 Y ($7.50)  it was originally 80 Y ($(10) and then I asked for a cheaper room and they lowered the price to 60 Y, just for asking.  It was quite a chore finding a hotel. 85 km
April 11 Binyang - Heshan. Terrain hilly to flat, wind from the east northeast.  Another wet morning.  We are definitely in the country side, the people are perplexed by us but friendly.  We had a great lunch that cost 6 Y ($0.75) each.  This has been the going price in the country side.  We arrived in Heshan cold and exhausted, it was the coldest day yet in Asia.  As I was looking at a room a women who spoke fluent English introduced herself to Tim, her name was Sue. She directed us to some other hotels down the street.  I settled on one for 30 Y ($3.60).  It was clean, had hot water and was on the top floor.  Stairs always too many stairs. 90 km
April 12 Heshan.  I woke up achy and we decided to take a day off the bike.  I slept for most of the morning and the afternoon.  Getting back in shape is always hard.  Sleeping seems to be the best cure.  In the evening Sue came by with her colleague Mr. Zeng.  They took us out for a beer and rice porridge, a rice soup with bits of meat.  We sprinkled pieces of peanuts, onions, cilantro and ginger.  Very tasty.  Sue and Mr. Zeng are teachers, they teach groups of teachers how to teach English. (hope that is clear).  They both are fluent in English, I would hope so.  We spoke about some Chinese traditions such as keeping the same job all their life and how people like to stay close to their roots.  
April 13 Heshan - Liuzhou. Terrain hilly to a slight downhill into Liuzhou.  It was warmer today then the last couple of days.  Truly a spring day.  The scenery was wonderful all day long, karst topography and a few small towns.  We wanted to stop at a small town about 50 km from Heshan but it did not have a hotel.  We still had 50 km to go at 3:00 pm so we started to kick up the pace.  We were stopping and taking photos all morning long thinking we had all the time in the world.  Tim stopped a man on a motorbike to ask him if there was a hotel nearby.  That was a mistake, he spoke enough English to make him dangerous.  He ask us where we had come and we said Nanning then he stopped us and said Nanning and pointed the other way.  We said yes we know.  We want to go to Liuzhou.  Ok Ok bye bye.  Then a couple of kilometers down the road he is stopped in the middle of the road waving at us.  We go around him and he tries to stop me by jumping out in front of me.  We kept going and he motored up to Tim and tried to get him to slow down by blocking him with the Motobike. Then he said talk to my friend and then Tim was on this guys cell phone.  It turns out he thought we wanted to go  to Nanning and that we were going the wrong way. He had go to and come from mixed up.  So we started riding again thinking that everything was worked out. He handed Tim his cell phone 2 more times before we got our message across.  All he was trying to do was help, no harm but scary with the motor bike.

We passed three Chinese cyclists on our way into town and stopped and took photos with them, we could not resist.  Nice guys.  We landed in Liuzhou in the middle of rush hour, but rush hour in a city of 1 million in China is not as bad as rush hour in a town of 10,000 in Vietnam.  This city was laid out similar to Nanning with bike lanes and car lanes.  Lovely to ride in and a lot less congested.  We saw signs that indicated no honking so it was actually quiet in town too.  Much easier to deal with.  We landed in the Nanjiang Hotel just before dark for 90 Yuan ($10.90) and it comes with cable TV, all Chinese stations, hot water, and unlimited internet access.  we are happy campers. oh yeah and a western toilet. Ah the luxuries in life.

106 km
April 14 Liuzhou.  The food has been very good and cheap too. Tons of vegetables like eggplant with garlic, onion, ginger, and chili pepper. Tofu pronounce doufu here, we have at almost every meal.  Funny I never really cared for Tofu in the states but I love it here, it is not so runny here, firm, and stir fried with spices and it is very tasty.  
April 15 Liuzhou.  Took the day off and explored the city.  I am just amazed at the amount of shopping.  Everything made in China is also sold in China.  I have started checking the tags on my clothes and gear and have noticed that over half our belongings are made in China. Only a few things are still made in the US like a knife and Titanium pots and a hat from REI that I am sure is now made in China.  
April 16 Liuzhou.  The weather has been crummy so we decided to stay one more day.  We use to wait out the rain but here it is not possible.  The weather pattern has been rain at night, wet in the morning, then semi dry early afternoon to late afternoon.  
April 17 Liuzhou - some town 35 km outside of Liuzhou.  We started out with a light drizzle that we thought we could ride in, 30 km down the road it began to really pour.  We decided it was time to get a hotel when we went through a small town with many hotels. It is not hard to convince me to get out of the rain.

- Out of China: slipping past the watchful eye of censorship. See the story of how we were arrested and detained in China on this day.

35 km
April 18 Ok I do not know the names of either town we stayed in.  We rode north on 322 until the town of Luzhai and then turned east onto 323 towards the town of Li pu.  We were tired and stopped in a mid size town with a hotel.  I can not figure out why we are always on the top floor.  When ever I look at a room it is always on the third, fourth or fifth floor.  When I ask for a room lower they always say it is full.  Perplexing and tiring too.  I end up going up and down at least three times before we are all checked in.

The bargaining is  not as difficult here either, when I ask for a discount I usually get one and the price never changes once we agree on one.  I have found the people to be very honest even when it would have been easy to take advantage of me.  I even get the feeling that people are trying to take care of me. Especially when we are looking for a hotel, I still have trouble recognizing the sign for hotel or inn and we have had people walk us over to a hotel and help with the price.  Very sweet.

75 km
April 19 Yangshou.  We started out in drizzle again, the landscape changed to karst topography near Li pu, a large town.  It was pouring rain when we pulled into a restaurant for lunch.  The family was very nice, made us excellent eggplant and tofu dishes and taught us how to count up to ten in Chinese.  I am actually getting some of it.  Being able to count is crucial.

In Li pu it was raining so hard that we thought about staying the night but we only had 40 km to go so we decided to push on.  The weather cleared some and we had a pleasant ride into Yangshou. It was amazing the change just 10 km from town.  Normal China to Tourist China in one kilometer.  I did not mind but it was so abrupt it startled me.  We turned the corner and saw a river with at least 15 bamboo boats with tourists in them, tourists on bikes, and tourists in large buses.  Not just westerners either, Chinese tourists.  This is a new side of China for me.  Then we rode into town and found West St.  Wow, it could be anywhere, most signs are in English, French and Chinese and everyone seems to speak English.  It made me realize that I have only spoken English to Tim for the last three weeks. Amazingly we always have something to talk about, I feel very lucky to have someone to share these experiences with and manage to always have an interesting conversation.

83 km
April 20 Yangshou.  We met up with Mary Ann again, this is our fourth time.  We have decided to teach English here for about a week or so in exchange for food and lodging. We talked with Mary Ann, had lunch with the school and were shown our room.  We are suppose to give three speeches a week, attend activities on the weekend, and social hour three times a week.  I will try and give a summary of how it goes over the next week.  I am excited about talking with Chinese students, I want to learn more about their culture.  
April 21 - May 10 Ok a week or so turned into three weeks.  Working at the school was so pleasant it was hard to leave.  Check out our web page about the school for photos.  We worked at Zhou Yue, for almost three weeks.  We were going to leave earlier but it was in the middle of May holiday and prices of rooms and food doubled that week all over China so we decided to stay in Yangshou for another week.   
May 11 Yangshou - Guilin.  It rained this morning and it made me wonder whether we were leaving or not.  It finally cleared at lunch and we peddled out of town about 1 pm.  But first we had to stop by the school and say good bye to Johnson.  He said that they would be up near the rice terraces this weekend and maybe we will cross paths.  Amazingly it did not rain on us on the way to Guilin.  We had a bit of a head wind from the north.  We arrived in the city and it was obvious that it had rained hard earlier.  Somehow we had managed to avoid it.  We found a hotel, took an elevator to the 5th floor and rolled our bikes into the room.  The room at the Oasis hotel was 100 RMB ($12.50)  A luxury.  We took a hot shower and went out for some dinner.  We turned the air conditioner on and slept like babies all night.  It has been so hot and humid it was difficult to sleep with just a fan. 65 km
May 12 Guilin.  We went to the Reed Flute cave today.  We took bus 3 out to the cave, Lonely Planet said it was the last stop but the line has gotten longer. The bus driver told us where to get off.  The cost to enter the cave was 60 RMB each ($7.00).  Ouch that is a pretty steep price for a cave.  The cave was awesome, lit up all the way.  The annoying thing was the photographers set up here and there.  They would turn the lights on when they were taking a picture and turn them off when they were done, so if you did not pay for a photo you did not get a well lit up room.  Other than that it was a beautiful cave with large stalagmites and stalactites.  We decided not to stay too long in Guilin it is a bit expensive here.   
May 13 Guilin - Heping.  When we left Guilin we were not sure where we would find a hotel and that will be the case of the next couple of weeks.  The first 40 km were flat.  After lunch we had a tail wind and a good thing too.  We started climbing up hills, the first real hills in Asia.  The problem was it was also very humid.  I started sweating buckets quickly.  We stopped often for water but still I was hot.  We took a rest in the shade after 55 km and found a hotel. Well we thought we found a hotel.  It turns out that they do not take foreigners so they sent us on to the next hotel.  The next hotel about 5 km up the road.  I looked at the room and it was basically a flop house. So we moved on.  We steadily climbed and still not hotels in sight.  I do not mind the climbing it is just so humid I over heat quickly.  We finally found a hotel that would let us stay there for 40 RMB ($5).  We had dinner for 12 RMB.  The building was made entirely out of cedar and smelled great. 76 km
May 14 Heping - Ping' an.  A bus pulled in while we were loading our bikes and we had quite an audience of about 50 people.  We knew we had a short day but also a big climb in front of us.  We stopped at the entrance and paid our 50 RMB each a whopping 100 RMB ($12.50) to get in the Long Ji Rice Terraces also known as the Devils Back bone Rice Terraces. We ended up climbing 500 meters in the last 6 kilometers.  The climb was on a good road and only a few steep sections but the heat was tough.  We stopped at the parking lot where the gate attendant said there was a hostel but there wasn't any then again he said we could not ride up the road because it was too steep.  I guess he was wrong on both accounts.  We then road up a flagstone and to a covered bridge.  That is when they said we could not go any further.  We contemplated what we should do.  I was hot, tired and sweaty, I wanted a hot shower.  Tim wanted to think things out clearly so we took a look at the stairs.  The touts told us it was a kilometer to the village.  We finally decided to have our luggage portaged up and we would carry our own bikes.  Wish I got a picture of Tim carry his bike up those stairs.  The stairs were not as difficult as they looked.  The step height was short.  I slowly brought up the rear.  After a 10 minutes we passed a guest house and then another one.  Hold on. I am not carrying my bike up those steep stairs. Lets stay here. I checked out the room and the women said it was 10 Y ($1.25) per person, the view was ok and they had a hot shower. Sold.  I am not going any further.  We paid the porter 40 Y ($5), ouch, and had them help carry our bags up to our room.  In the process we changed room and we had the corner room that viewed the steep steps that led further up into the village.  Cool, I can watch the world go by.   We walked around the village some but I was exhausted and we went to bed early. 20 km
May 15 Ping' an.  We decided to do the Viewpoint 1 and 2 circuit.  We went to View 1 first. If you can only got to one Viewpoint I would recommend Viewpoint 2, it is where all the famous photographs are taken from. It was a sweaty day but we really enjoyed the view.  We walked part of the way to Danzi the village that our school friends were at but turned around to have a view of the terraces for lunch.  We had lunch at Viewpoint 2.  I was amazed to see that porters were carrying people up to the Viewpoint. I guessing it cost at least 100 Y ($25).  Some people would not have made the climb and others could have easily.  The view is fantastic and well worth the climb, just leave yourself time to enjoy the view.  On the way down the trail we stopped at the hotel with the internet cafe a checked email.  Then we headed down the trail and were surprised when Johnson from Zhou Yue English College.  He was calling someone named Tim, then he looked up at us and was just surprised to see us.  We had dinner with the school and it was a nice reunion.

May 16 Ping' an.  If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy the surroundings in my opinion this is the place.  I felt very comfortable and welcomed here.  The family was pleasant and left us alone.  It rained part of the day but I did not mind I sat inside and read a book.  We watched people come and go on the main stone path into town.  We saw a group of men moving a pool table up the stairs on their backs. Amazing what they can carry, people, luggage, pool tables everything is carried on their backs and the old people show it too. I have seen more hunched over people here in China then anywhere else.  
May 17 Ping' an - Long Sheng.  It was mostly a down hill ride between the rain drops. Our plans are to ride to Sanjiang, 80 km to the west on 321 then stay on 321 until Congjiang and then Rongjiang.  The we will turn north towards Leishan until we intersect 320 and head east to Kaili where we think the next internet cafe will be. 29 km
May 18 Long Sheng.  We were ready to ride but the weather is not cooperating. It rained rained rained today. The river is very swollen.  We spent the day at the internet cafe.  
May 19 Long Sheng - Intersection 321/209.  We looked at the maps and it looked like a smooth sailing day, down hill along the river, what more could we ask for.  Hmm we soon found out.  The rain let up about noon and we set off rather late.  The first 5 kilometers were smooth.  Then we hit the road construction.  The road turned into a silty quagmire. Many times my wheels were submerged over the rim, and trucks were rolling by while I was trying to stay upright. 

We rode 28 kilometers and came to an intersection where the road looked good to the left.  So we went left.  After a kilometer we asked a group of old men which way it was to Sanjiang.  The pointed us further up the road.  We rode on and it seemed that we were going in the wrong direction but I did not follow my instincts.  Eight kilometers later my instincts were confirmed and we were told we were going the wrong way.  Ugh.  an extra 16 kilometers to the ride today.  We went back to the intersection and talked to a group of surveyors, one spoke English.  How far is Sanjiang?  Is there a hotel? How far is the construction?  The answer was 30 Km, no hotel until Sanjiang, and 7 kilometers.  They said Sanjiang was too far to ride by bicycle.  The road construction continued for about 10 kilometers and we found a hotel at 12 kilometers.  When we arrived at the hotel we were covered in mud and spent an hour cleaning our bikes and bags.  We took a room for 20 Y ($2.50) and had dinner for 20 Y ($2.50).  We turned in early and felt a bit achy like I getting a little older every day.

56 km
May 20 Rt. 209 - Fulu.  The road was paved to Sanjiang after that it was a pothole quagmire mess.  We road along the river for some time and then went up and over a hill and down along another river.  The towns at the top of the hill were very interesting.  I think the minority group may have been Dong because I did see a drum tower, we also saw a wind and rain bridge that was very stunning.

The road continued on, I can not believe this dilapidated road is the same road we have ridden through the province of Guangxi.  They are working on the road, putting in drainage pipes, I hope this improves all the landslides we go around.  We started asking about a hotel and were told to go up the road 6 kilometers.  There was not a hotel in that town but they did have a beautiful community well that was built with tile and had wooden ladles to collect the water.  The water was crystal clear, I was impressed.  While we were taking a break I saw a bus go by with a group of foreigners.  Ten kilometers down the road we turned a corner and the entire bus load was sitting outside a hotel.  The only hotel in town.  Lucky for us there was still a room available.  I looked at the room and asked the price three times.  The price I was quoted was 20 Y ($2.50), and I thought that was a reasonable price.  The family was already cooking a huge dinner for the Dutch tour group so they just added two more plates.  The dinner was excellent and better than we normally would have had.  We went to sleep with a fan on and the power went out in the middle of the night, it was hot and I opened the door and let all the mosquitoes in the room.  So much for sleeping.  The next day I asked for the bill and the owner doubled everything the room was now 40 Y ($5) and dinner was 50 Y($6.25).  He had told me then night before that dinner was 25 Y and our room was 20 Y.  Uggh the old bait and switch there was nothing I could do but pay him.

65 km
May 21 Fulu - Congjiang.  We stayed along the river all day and the road was dirt the entire way well almost.  A small part of the road meandered into the Guizhou province and that part was paved for 5 km. I though the remaining 25 km was paved but it was not. We stopped for lunch when it started to rain and the restaurant did not have any food and they pointed us on to a little old lady.  She gave us a bag of cooked rice and a piece of meat for 6 Y ($0.75) it was the worst lunch we have had in China   There was a final climb up before the town of Congjiang.  As soon as we entered the Guizhou province the road was paved the entire way to town.  It was a hot and tiring day.  This makes it difficult to find a hotel I went to one hotel and they turned us away, I went to another hotel and they took me to the 4th floor, the room only had a fan and it was too hot to just have a fan.  We settled on another hotel for 88 Y ($11).  We brought out bikes in the room and turned on the AC.  We went to sleep early. 65 km

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November 22 - December 15, 2004
Bangkok, to Aranyaprathet, Thailand

Cindie's Daily Journals
Thailand #1

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INTRO Crossing Over to the Other Side: Relocating to Asia

LETTER Thailand: Landing in a Whole New World.

Best Place to see Pictures
Thailand Thumbnail Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Bangkok, Thailand
- Royal Barge Museum
- Wat Arun in Bangkok, Thailand
- Wat Phra Kaew and Temple of the Emerald Buddha
- Pictures of Wat Pho
- Bangkok to Chanthaburi, Thailand.
- Island Ko Samet National Park
- Thailand's famous Thai Food
- Chanthaburi to Aranya Prathet and the Cambodian border.


 December 16- January 16, 2005
Cambodia and Angkor Wat
Poipet to Tien Bien, Cambodia

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Cambodia Daily Journal

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Cambodia: Poverty Does Not Equal Crime.

Best Place to see Pictures
Cambodia Thumbnail Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Pictures of  Poverty in Cambodia: Poipet to Siem Reap
- Picture from Angkor Wat, Cambodia
- Temples Bayon, Angkor Thom
Ta Prom (Temple where Tomb Raider was filmed)
- Preah Khan, Neak Poan, Eastern Mebon, Banteay Kei, Ta Som, Pre Rup

- Siem Reap, Cambodia
- Siem Reap to Phnom Penh
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia
- Tuol Sleng S.21 Museum of Genocidal Crime
- Killing Fields of Pol Pot Cambodia
- Phnom Penh to Tinh Bien


(January 16 - February 17 , 2005)
Vietnam #1.
Tinh Bien to Cau Ganh, Vietnam

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Online South Vietnam Journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)

Best Place to see Pictures
South Vietnam Thumbnails

Full size Picture Pages

- Chau Doc to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
- Floating Market and Boat Trip Tour
- Vietnam War Remnants Museum
- Cuchi Tunnels, Saigon, Vietnam
- Cuchi Tunnels Cu Chi near Saigon, Vietnam
- Pictures from Dalat, Vietnam
- Bicycling from Dalat to Buon Ma Thuot
- Jun Village
- Buon Ma Thuot to Cau Ganh

(February 18. - April 2, 2005)
Vietnam #2.
Cau Ganh, to Lang Son, Vietnam

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Daily Journal for North Vietnam.

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)

Best Place to see Pictures
North Vietnam Thumbnail Pictures.

Full size Picture Pages

- Cau Ganh to Hoi An
- Hoi An, Vietnam
- China Beach to Hue.
- Marble Mountain
- The Citadel in Hue
- Impoverished Highland Market Can Cau.
- Poverty Village of Bac Ha.

Hanoi water puppet

(April 3 - May 21, 2005)
Guangxi, China
Pingxiang to CongJiang, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Finally in China!

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Three Years and Still Going

Best Place to see Pictures
Best Thumbnail Pictures of Guangxi, China

Full size Picture Pages

- Pingxiang to Nanning, China
- Nanning, Guangxi to Liuzhou
- China's Karst Topography Landscape.
- Liuzhou to Yangshou, Guangxi, China
- Zhuo Yue English College in Yangshuo, China
- Li River bamboo boat trip in Yangshou..
- Ancient Chinese Stone Village of Fuli.
- Impressions light, dance, and music.
- Mountain biking through Yu Long Valley.
- Guilin to Congjiang Guangxi, China
- Reed Flute Cave Guilin China.
- Ping'an Guangxi, China.
- Dragon's Backbone and Rice Terraces.


May 22 - June 27, 2005

  Guizhou and Hunan, China
Congjiang to Zhangjiajie National Park China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guizhou, China

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Made in China: Free Birds in a Caged World!

Best Place to see Pictures
Pictures of Guizhou, China.

Full size Picture Pages

- Congjiang to Kaili, Guizhou, China
- Kaili Guizhou - Wulingyuan National Park, Hunan.
- Wulingyuan (Zhangjiajie) National Park, Hunan.


(June 28 - July 15, 2005)

Beijing, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Beijing, China daily Blog and Journal

Best Place to see Pictures
Best and favorite pictures from Beijing, China

Full size Picture Pages

- Pictures from Beijing, China
- Pictures of Forbidden City, China
- Summer Palace
- Great Wall from Jinshanling Simatai, China.
- Badaling Section of the Great Wall of China


(July 16 - Sept. 3, 2005)
Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, China.
Beijing to Xian, Shaanxi, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, China daily journal (blog)

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
The Many Faces of China: Inner Mongolia and Shanxi, Provinces.!

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail pictures from Inner Mongolia, China.

Full size Picture Pages

- Beijing to Jining, Inner Mongolia.
- Grasslands of Jining, to Wuchuan (near) Hohhot
- Hohhot to Bautou, Inner Mongolia, China
- Wudang Lamasary
- Bautou to Yulin, Shanxi, China with Photos from Genghis Khan's Mausoleum.
- Yulin to Yanan, Shaanxi, China
- Chairman Mao's Headquarters and Residence in Yanan, China.
- Yanan to Xian, Shaanxi, China.
- Terracotta Warriors #1
- Terracotta Warriors #2.


 (Sept. 4 - Oct. 29, 2005)

Sichuan, China
Chengdu, to Zongdian, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Sichuan Blog

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Into Occupied Territory: Tibet!

Best Place to see Pictures
Sichuan Thumbnail Photos

Full size Picture Pages

- Giant Panda Breeding Center #1
- Red Panda  in Chengdu, Sichuan, China #2
- Chengdu to Kangding.
- Kangding, Sichuan, located in Southwestern China.
- Mugecuo Lake near Kangding, Sichuan, China.
- Kangding to Xinduqiao
- Xinduqiao to Tibetan Home Stay.
- Tibetan Home Stay to 4718 meter (15,475 feet)
- to Litang, Sichuan, China.
- Litang Lamasary Tibetan Buddhist Monk Monastery
- Litang to Sumdo, Tibet
- Sumdo to Xiangcheng
- Xiangcheng to Derong, Tibet.
- Derong, Sichuan Province to Tibetan Shangri-La, (Zongdian)


(Oct. 30 - Dec. 24, 2005)

Yunnan, China
Zongdian to Mohan, China

Cindie's Daily Journals
Yunnan daily blog - journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Out of China: slipping past the watchful eye of censorship.

Best Place to see Pictures
Yunnan thumbnail photos

Full size Picture Pages

- Shangri-La, - Lijiang - Dali, China.
- Dali to Jingdong, Yunnan
- Jingdong to Puer
- Puer to Jinghong, Yunnan, China
- Xishuangbanna Tropical Flowers and Plants Garden.
- Mengla to Mohan, Yunnan, China (border with Laos))


December.25, 2005 - January 23, 2006
Boten to Vientiane

Cindie's Daily Journals
Laos daily blog journal

Click here for our first downloadable video called

Best Place to see Pictures
Laos Thumbnail pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Boten to Oudomxia, Laos.
- Laos Wood Carving Factory
- Oudomaxi - Luang Pabong
- Luang Phrabang, Laos: Monks, Wats, and a boat tour on the Mekong River.
- Luang Phrabang to Vang Vieng, #1
- Luang Phrabang to Vang Vieng, #2
- Vientiane, Laos


January 23 - March 12, 2006

Northeast Thailand
Nong Khai, Thailand to Bangkok

Cindie's Daily Journals
Northeast Thailand Blog and Daily Journal

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Four Years DownTheRoad!

Best Place to see Pictures
Northeast Thailand Thumbnail Pictures

Full size Picture Pages

- Nong Khai to Dan Si
- Dan Si to Lop Buri
- The Ancient Ruins and Historic Temples of Ayuthaya
- Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace in Bangkok, Thailand.


(March 13 - April 18, 2006)

Southern Thailand
Hua Hin to Satun, Thailand

Cindie's Daily Journals
Cindie's latest daily journal for South Thailand.  Now with over 4 years of entries!

5 minute Thailand Video

Best Place to see Pictures
Pictures from South Thailand.

Full size Picture Pages

- Hua Hin to Ranong
- Ranong to Krabi
- Boat Tour of Ao Phang Nga Bay
- Ko Lanta Beach to Satun Tropical Thailand


(April 18 - Sept. 15, 2006)

  Malaysia #1
Langkawi, Malaysia to Parit Buntar

Cindie's Daily Journals Malaysia

Tim's Emailed Newsletters (Join  List)
Two 1-Way Tickets to Australia Please

Best Place to see Thumbnail Pictures of Malaysia

Full size Picture Pages

- Langkawi to Nebong Tebal
- Underwater World Aquarium Langkawi
- Bird Paradise, Langkawi, Malaysia.
- Malaysian Home Stay and Cyclist Guest House.
- Traditional Tamil Indian Wedding
- Malaysian Home Cooking and Traditional Food
- Hand Made Pottery Factory
- Chinese Fishing Village and Party.
- Toddy Plantation Farm and Palm Oil Production.
- Malaysian Chinese Temple of Heaven and Hell.
- Malaysian Indian Hindu Temple and Religious Ceremony


(May to August, 2006)
Malaysia #2

Tanah Rata to Taiping, Malaysia

Cindie's Daily Journals

Video: Malaysian David's Cyclist Home Stay (5:35 min)

Best Place to see Pictures
Thumbnail pictures of Malaysia #2

Full size Picture Pages

- Cameron Highlands Trails and National Park
- Butterfly Garden
- Boh Tea and Sungai Palas Tea Plantation and farm
- Mardi Research Center, Tanah Rata
- Tanah Rata, Cameroon Highlands, Malaysia
- Indian Fire Walking Ceremony at the Hindu Temple
- Our 8th Wedding Anniversary the Cultural Indian Way
- Chinese Cultural Opera and Traditional Arts Celebration
- Malaysian Indian Religion
- Malaysian Guesthouse and Homestay #2


(July - Sept. 15, 2006)
Malaysia #3 and Singapore.
Taiping, Malaysia to Singapore

Cindie's Daily Journals for Malaysia

Best Place to see Pictures
Malaysia #3 and Singapore

Full size Picture Pages

- Penang hill Chinese Temple
- Taiping to Melaka, Malaysia.
- Taman Alam Kuala Selangor Natural Park
- Melaka, Malaysia, Southeast Asia.
- Cheng Hoon Teng Temple and Chinese Hill (Bukit China) Cemetery
- Melaka, Malaysia to Singapore

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Central America
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4 Australia
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5 New Zealand
9-16-07 to 5-2-08
6 Alaska, Canada, and the USA
5-3-08 to 4-30-10
7 India. Nepal, and the Subcontinent
5-1-10 to present
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