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Bicycle Touring and Commuting with a Bike Trailer

Panniers vs. Bicycle Cargo Trailers

I have never owned or used any kind of bicycle trailer, so this article is purely my own observations and opinions. I have seen many broken Bob Yak, Cannondale, Burly and other brands of bicycle cargo trailers during my bike tour travels.  Usually the cycling trailer frame or wheel axel breaks. I'm not sure why this happens, but my guess would be that the trailers were overloaded.  I have been told that it is important not to exceed the maximum weight limits set by bicycle trailer manufactures. 

Another thing that worries me about touring with a bicycle trailer is pickpockets and thieves.  Often in crowded cities, I'm forced to push my loaded touring bike through a dense mass of people to find a place to eat or a hotel room.  With bicycle panniers all my camping gear and worldly possessions are close to me and I can keep an eye on them.  This helps greatly in preventing pickpockets or bag slashers from stealing from me.  A bike trailer would be an easy target to steal from because it is so far behind me and out of reach. 

A couple riding two bikes with trailers would not be able to draft off each other. When I ride with another person, we can take advantage of the wind break to save energy on long rides. With a bicycle trailer taking up all the wind shadow behind the forward driver, there would be no space left to draft in.

I suppose I am a bit old school. I prefer touring bikes with waterproof panniers attached to sturdy touring racks. I don't deny that there are some nifty trailers on the market.  And they definitely beat panniers if you want to travel with children or pets or a surfboard.

A full Discussion of bike panniers can be found at Bicycle Touring Panniers and Bike Bags.

BOB Ibex Plus (FS) Suspension Bicycle Touring Trailer

The BOB Ibex Plus FS trailer features an adjustable suspension system that extends your off-road-adventure possibilities.

* Single-wheel trailer features a minimum of 3 in. wheel travel, damping the shock to the trailer and its load
* Shock can be adjusted for loads ranging from 15 - 70 lbs.
* Elevated swing-arm pivot improves obstacle clearance and roll-over prevention
* Quick-release rear wheel features alloy rim and hub, and stainless-steel spokes and cartridge bearings
* Includes a water bottle attachment and a waterproof DRY SAK for gear protection
* Cargo dimensions: 25 x 18 x 16 in.
* 16-in. wheel diameter accepts 16 x 1.75 - 2.2 replacement tube
* BOB Ibex Plus FS trailer fits bikes with 700c size tires (without wraparound fender) and 26-in. MTB tires and smaller

Shop for  Bicycle Cargo Trailers

Burley Nomad Cargo Bike Touring and Commuting Trailer

The Burley Nomad™ bike trailer is perfect for touring across country or commuting across town.

* Offers a large carrying capacity; a removable partition allows for any size load * Interior tie-downs secure gear and interior pockets organize small essentials * Lightweight, sturdy aluminum frame and a 2-wheel design keep the trailer upright and easy to pull by hand when detached from the bike * Durable, 16 in. quick-release alloy wheels * Low tongue weight won't compromise bike handling * Easy to clean fabric * Safety flag included * Standard forged hitch fits both quick-release and nutted axles * Folded dimensions: 32.5 x 19 x 9 in. * Add the We! Ski kit (sold separately) for a winter-ready trailer

Shop for  Bicycle Cargo Trailers

Croozer Bicycle Touring Travel Commuting Trailer

The Croozer Travel Trailer supplies plenty of storage capacity for long bike tours or summer picnics where heavy coolers are involved. It's also a versatile utility wagon around the garden.

* Croozer has a massive payload of 100 lbs. and if you want to walk, you can easily pull it behind you by hand
* Includes bicycle hitch arm with 2-part axle hitch and a safety flag
* Built with a weather-resistant wooden floor and a powder-coated steel frame
* Low center of gravity offers a stable ride
* Peripheral railing secures bulky items
* Folds flat as a unit with the wheels attached to the floor and the hitch arm folded underneath; no loose parts to worry about

Shop for  Bicycle Cargo Trailers

BOB Yak Plus Bike Trailer.

BOB® Yak Plus cargo-only, single-wheel trailer attaches to the back of your bike and comes with a DRY SAK for protecting your gear.

* Features stronger, lighter trailer wheel fork and rear dropout design, plus frame-strengthening gussets * Fits on bikes with rear dropout spacing 110-140mm wide, with 20'', 26'', 27'' or 700C wheels * Quick-release mechanism inserts into the rear hub quick-release (does not fit bikes without a rear quick-release skewer--adapters are available) * DRY SAK is made of PVC-coated nylon for waterproofness, with a double-layer bottom for toughness and over 5,700 cubic inches of cargo space * Includes a four-way bungee cord for securing items, plus a fender, safety flag and reflectors * Alloy 16 x 1.75 inch wheel with stainless-steel spokes provides reliability and smooth rides with heavy loads * Water bottle bosses on each side of the frame allow you to carry water for on-the-go hydration * Features retro-cool black powder coating with 10th anniversary silver decals

(see more) Brooks Saddles -

Burley Travoy Urban Bike Trailer


The Burley Travoy is an urban bike trailer system that lets you easily take all your gear with you. Pull the trailer behind your bike and then bring it with you when you arrive!

Burley Travoy hitches to the seatpost of any bike and detaches simply with the flip of a switch, so you can wheel it with you wherever you go Features a sturdy anodized aluminum frame and weighs in at under 10 lbs.; carries up to 60 pounds of gear Lightweight frame with 2 wheels keeps the trailer upright and steady when riding or walking; track width is 22 in. Patent-pending design provides excellent stability and maneuverability; rear reflectors enhance visibility in low light 12 in. plastic wheels have angled valve stems for easy inflation; anodized aluminum hitch fits standard seatposts When you reach your destination, fold the top arm down by using the twist grip on the frame; then pull the trailer behind you using that twist-grip as a handle Tote bag included features a cinch-strap closure and carry handles; clips to the tie-down buttons on the frame, so it won't go astray Travoy trailer folds flat and fits inside its briefcase-sized tote bag for transport or storage; includes tie-downs for strapping on extra gear In more than 6 months of testing, Burley hauled just about everything in the Travoy: groceries, laptops, files, snowshoes, bike gear, gym and work clothes, books and more! Much more than just a series of bicycle accessories, the Travoy and its accompanying bags (sold separately) offer you a complete alternative transportation system

(see more) Brooks Saddles -

Burley Honey Bee Bike Trailer


Buzz around town in this honey of a bee! The Burley Honey Bee trailer seats 1 or 2 children and comes ready to tow behind a bike.

* Comfy suspended seat is built with breathable flow-through mesh; 5-point harness system with soft padded straps keeps children comfortable and secure * Padded seat bottom is washable * Large, deep helmet pocket allows children to ride and sleep comfortably; interior pocket holds their treasures * Non-zip, 2-in-1 Cover™ shields little ones from bugs, wind and rain * Clear windows with UV inhibitor provide great visibility inside and out * Balance point over wheels reduces the weight on the bike and smoothes the ride for little passengers * Includes easy-glide, retractable tow bar; hitch positioning designed for superior trailer tracking * Frame features light, strong aluminum alloy tubing and contoured side roll bars * Drum-tight, water-repellent fabric keeps children away from wheels and spokes * Features 20 in. composite wheels * Wheel guards on the trailer's frame protect the wheels and deflect them from coming in contact with obstacles * Reflectors, reflective trim and safety flag provide low-light visibility * Rear cargo net provides generous storage space * Folds quickly and compactly for easy storage * Convert the Honey Bee to a stroller by adding the Burley Stroller kit, sold separately

Shop for  Bicycle Cargo Trailers

Novara Afterburner Single-Speed Trailer Bike

The single-speed Novara Afterburner brings a high level of user-friendliness to folding trailer bikes!

  • Tool-free folding mechanism is intuitively easy to use; simply unscrew the hand-friendly knob and fold the arm back on itself—it's that fast!

  • Sturdy hitch adapts to a wide range of seatpost diameters without need of switching out parts; attaches easily via bolts and a quick-release

  • All of which means it's a snap to move the Afterburner from bike to bike

  • Single-speed operation is simple for a young mind to comprehend: get on, hold on, pedal!

  • High-tensile steel frame provides a sturdy, solid ride and the longevity to last from one child to the next

  • Fully adjustable cockpit accommodates kids of various sizes (80 lbs. max weight); simply move the seat up or down and angle the handlebars to fit

  • Features a detachable forward deflector (like a fender without the wheel) and a full-length chainguard, so your child stays free of wet and grime

  • Handlebar pad adds an extra bit of safety; soft rubber hand grips accommodate small hands

  • Large platform pedals make it easy for small feet to stay aboard

  • Bright orange safety flag mounted on tall rod increases your small rider's visibility

  • Measures approximately 53 in. folded and 74 in. unfolded

  • Trailer bike is easily assembled upon arrival—just install the handlebars and pedals and you're ready to hook up and go!

  • Suggested for kids three to six years old

Shop for  Bicycle Cargo Trailers


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