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Yamunotrito to Campsite below Gangotri, Uttarakhand, India

(May, 2012)

Leaving Yamunotri, we got to revisit all the hills we'd ridden up. This spaghetti bit of switchbacks was all rock and mud, a little treacherous on the the downhill.


The road is frequently washed out due to floods or rock slides. Gretchen appears to be focusing hard on getting through upright and intact.


Looking back towards the mountain. We rode all that and next week we'll ride another just like it.


A small temple at the summit of a small set of hills we crossed. The babas stay here in flimsy shacks and perform ceremonies for the locals. I believe there is a lot coconut breaking in these ceremonies, spurring an active coconut shipping business.


Can you see my cracked rim???  I never have had a touring bicycle rear wheel last more than 2 continuous years on the road and that is how long I have been running around the Indian Sub-Continent.  I am hoping it holds together until I get to Katmandu and the only real bike shop for thousands of kilometers.  I Crazy Glued the crack and disconnected the rear brake. Okay it's a little crazy, but I'm going to ride through this very mountainous area for the next 6 weeks with only front brakes. 


We ducked into a tea shop to sit out a quick hail storm.


On the banks of the Ganga River, ashrams for the devote abound.


If you're a guru, this is the place to be.


And this bit of shining wisdom for all the seekers out there.


The Ganges is not only sacred, it's also an excellent source of hydro-electric power.


Stinging Nettle. Beware! Gretchen brushed her arm against one tiny leaf and within seconds she had a red raised rash, numbness and tingling that lasted for days.


Can you see the switchbacks? Guess what we did that morning.


It took us four days to ride up the valley to Gangotri. We could have done it much faster, but we stopped constantly to take pictures and be amazed by the view.


Site of a future rockslide.


Another local crop. Grows like a -um- weed.




Turns out the roads are just a little too narrow and the busses just a hair too wide, which causes the most annoying bottlenecks.




The Ganga River is white-blue with glacial run off.



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