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Cindie's Costa Rica #2 Journal
Playa Jaco to Penas Casas, Costa Rica
(March 15 - April 11, 2003)

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March 15 Jaco. We hired a taxi from Rancho Mastatal to Jaco. It took an hour and half in a small toyota truck. It is always an ordeal when we try and travel with our bikes. When we arrived in Jaco we set up camp at Camp Hicaco. We sprung for the private bathroom and shower. The first thing we did was go to the pharmacist about James's eczema. The pharmacist took one look at James and said he had a severe case and he should not go outside in the sun or into the ocean for the next three days (this turned out to be the wrong diagnosis). James said, "I can't go in the ocean", and her reply was, "no". All of our hearts just sunk to the floor. What a terrible thing to hear, we were all just heart broken. What do you mean, bring a kid to the beach and then tell him he can not play in the ocean. We quickly found another activity that occupied James. The internet cafe had a play station room next door and James was more than happy to play Super Mario or whatever for hours.

As we were walking back for our dinner at Pizza Hut, great pizza by the way, we heard crabs running all over. It seemed like they all hatched at once. Back at camp they were scurrying everywhere. Cher was concerned that the crabs would come in the tent and crawl all over her. I said, "I doubt it, just keep the tent zipped up". Well I was proven wrong, I had fallen asleep on the big air mattress in Cher and James's ten and in the middle of the night I felt, yes felt, a crab run across the bed, through my hair and on to the floor. Normally, I would be screaming my head off, but I did not want to wake up everyone in the tent, including Tim in the other tent. So I tried to go back to sleep with the thought of a crab in the tent. How in the world did he get in there? I do not known.

March 16 Jaco. It was a rainy blustery day. We were not too sad, James could not go to the beach. However, the rain chased Cherie to a hotel room. We searched and found a decent place only a couple of blocks away. It had air-conditioning, cable TV, and a hot shower all for $35 a night. Tim and I stayed in the camp ground but took our showers at the room, thanks Cher. We decided to stay in Jaco a couple of days because we wanted to go to Manual Antonio with Cher and James, we thought is was well worth a return trip.
March 17 Jaco.  Manual Antonio is closed on Mondays so we are waiting one more day to go to the park.  Yet another rainy day in Paradise.
Mar 18 Manual Antonio.  We set out for Manual Antonio at 6:30 am, James was still asleep but managed to get on the bus and sleep some more.  The park was full of wildlife today, I think everything was out because it has been raining for the past few days and finally the sun was out.  What a difference a week makes, it was much cooler this time around.  We saw all kinds of wildlife like the Jesus Christ Basilisk, three-toed sloth, iguana, white throated capuchin monkey, tropical crab, long-nosed bat and hermit crab.

James played in the water for hours, maybe a little too long, the sun got the better of him.  However, his eczema cleared up quickly, which was a relief to all of us.  We headed back to Jaco with plans to go to Santa Elena in the morning.

Mar 19 Jaco-Puntarenas-Santa Elena.  Travel days are always an adventure, we awoke to rain in the middle of the night so our belongings were soaked.  It took hours to dry everything out and pack it up.  I am really tired of camping at this point.  We caught the 12:00 bus to Puntarenas with hopes of catching the 2:15 bus to Santa Elena.  On the way to Puntarenas there was an accident that held up the bus for over an hour. 

Consequently, we missed our bus out of Puntarenas.  Now we were stuck in Puntarenas, not a place we wanted to stay with Cher and James.  We bit the bullet and got a taxi ride $135 (Double Yikes) to Santa Elena, a very expensive endeavor but it sure beet staying in Puntarenas.  The taxi was really a truck because our bikes would not fit in a normal car.  Cher and I volunteered to ride in the back.  The trip was fun when we hit the dirt roads but the fun ended when the sun went down and the road went on forever.   The truck was a slow mover, it took us 3 hours to get to Santa Elena while the bus only takes 2.5 hours.  We finally arrived at 7:00 pm and went to Pension Santa Elena.  Luckily they had a room left with three beds, Cher and James in one, Tim and I in the others, it cost $15 for the night. 

Mar 20 Santa Elena.  We walked to the today.  We had a great guide who first introduced us to all kinds of insects such as tarantulas, scorpions, cockroaches, leaf katydid, and even the asthma beetle.  Locals are known to eat the asthma beetle because it releases an antihistamine when it is eaten.  Since I was feeling a bit miserable with a head cold I thought why not.  Much to Tim's amazement, I tried one of these tinny beetles.  The only thing that was weird is that it ran across my tongue before I ate it.    We then moved on to the butterfly atriums. We first went to the lower elevation eco zone and moved up through two more eco zones.  We saw a variety of butterfly's such as blue morpho, long wing, postman, malachite.  The atriums were filled with flowers that were specific to each butterfly.  I really enjoyed the butterfly farm and so did James my nephew.  This is a great place for a family outing.  It was a little expensive at  $8 per adult and children over 12 are $5 (I am not sure of this price).  
Mar 21 Santa Elena.  We went for a hike at the Finca Ecological only 1.5 kilometers from the center of Santa Elena.  It cost $7 per adult and children under 8 are free.  As we were hiking down one of the trails we all stopped to look at some birds and suddenly we were all attacked by ants.  It was like we all had hot foot we were all jumping from foot to foot swatting the ants off of us.  We recovered and moved on to the look outs.  We had stunning views of the Nicoya Peninsula and the canyons that surround the Finca.  We were lucky enough to see keel-billed toucans, squirrel cuckoo, rufous-tailed hummingbird, black guan, agouti, white nosed coati, parakeets, and leaf-cutter ants.  
22 Santa Elena.  Cherie and James did the Sky Trek Canopy tour today.  It cost $40 for and adult and $32 for a child.  A bit out of our budget so Tim and I passed.  James (8) was the youngest that they would take on the canopy tour.  He said, "It made my eyes water like crazy".  Cher had a great time as well.  When they came back they were still pumped with adrenaline.

This evening we went to the Ranario also known as the frog pond, we saw all kinds or frogs including the blue jeans frog (they are red with blue legs), green jeans (red with green legs), the green and black poison dart frog, and numerous other frogs.  My favorite is the red-eyed leaf frogs.  They are extremely active at night and just a delight to watch for hours.

23 Santa Elena.  We all wanted to go to the Santa Elena but we decided to just take a walk around town because it was too expensive and James was all hiked out.  So we went to the Monte Verde Lodge, pretended to be customers and walked around their beautiful grounds.  We then hiked over to Finca Ecologica and back to Pension Santa Elena.  Tomorrow Cherie, James and I go to Alajuela which is near the airport so they can get the plane back to Alaska the next day.  It is amazing how fast their visit went.  I will truly miss them when they go.  
24 Santa Elena - Alajuela.  Our bus left at 6:30 am, we bought our tickets at the last minute and got the last three seats.  We sat in the back of the bus which was a lot higher then the rest of the seats, I could look out the window and look straight down into the ravines.  The ride down was a lot quicker than the ride up in the taxi.  However, we did go over a few bumps that threw us a foot into the air.  We were under the impression that the bus would stop in two locations in Alajuela, the airport and downtown.  It turned out that the bus only stopped at the airport and we found ourselves on our way to San Jose.  James was starting to get motion sick, it is always a bad sign when he is holding a bag in front of him, so we jumped off the bus at the very next stop.  The bus driver thought we were a bit crazy for getting off where we did.  James laid down on the bus bench and was feeling better by the time we got a taxi.  We stayed at Hotel Alajuela for $10 per person, we had our own private bath and hot shower (so they said).  Cherie had the pleasure of turning on the water and getting shocked, at the same time the water was cold.  Of course, there was no one around to fix it at 9:00 at night.  
25 Alajuela- Santa Elena.  The McKays were off to their plane at 8:00am and would not be arriving back in Alaska until the morning of the 27th.  Getting to Costa Rica and back to Alaska is a journey unto itself.  My journey back to Santa Elena started at about 12:00 and I did not arrive in Santa Elena until almost 8:00 at night.  
26 Santa Elena.  After much discussion and contemplation we have decided to stay in Santa Elena for the next two weeks rather than try and ride to Panama City by bicycle.  I really wanted to ride the entire coast of Costa Rica and through the flat lands of Panama.  However, the heat and humidity are so high that it would make a miserable trip.  When we arrived in Santa Elena from the coast we were all exhausted for the heat.  The weather is so much cooler here.  Staying here for that long was never in our plans, but then again a lot of things we have done were not in our plans.  The tricky thing will be getting to Panama City with our bikes.   
27 Santa Elena.  
28 Santa Elena Reserve.  We took a mini bus ($2.00) to Santa Elena Reserve at 6:45 and arrived at the park along with the volunteers at 715 am.  It was a beautifully day, clear and sunny, a rare event in a cloud forest.  Normally it costs $9.00 to get in but with our student cards we paid $5.00 entrance fee.  Our first stop was the tower to get a view of  Volcano Arenal.  We had a great view but the volcano was not very active at the time.  We continued our hike through dense cloud forest and marveled at the size of the plants.  Occasionally, we heard the rumbles of Arenal.  We heard birds everywhere but had difficulty spotting any.  The elusive quetzal was still elusive to us.  We hike part of the Youth Challenge trail, el bajo trail, and encanto trail.  On our return to the entrance/exit we stopped for one more view of Volcano Arenal, amazingly it was still clear.
29 Santa Elena.  
30 Our one year anniversary. A hike in Finca Ecologica.  
31 The weather today started to turn for the worst, the winds started blowing hard and the temperatures started to drop.  We have plans to go into Monte Verde tomorrow morning we will have to see what the weather does.  In the afternoon the weather turned to hurricane type weather.  The winds were so high that it seemed that the roof was going to be blown off.  Needless to say, the weather is miserable.  
April 1 Santa Elena.  The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve was closed today due to high winds.  A couple from Montana with their daughter went to the park and were told that it was closed.  They were stranded there when the bus driver said he would not return until 11:15 am.  It was 8:00 in the morning so they walked back to Santa Elena from Monteverde a good 6 km walk in the wind and rain. 

At about 10:30 am the power went out.  Everyone was confined to the youth hostel for most of the day.  At around 11:00 am a truck came by with produce, they were selling mangos, cantaloupe and watermelon.  I asked the price of the produce and so did Daniel from Argentina.  I decided to buy some produce and he did not.  After I bought the produce he said that the price was too high.  I asked him why he did not tell me the price was too high before I bought the produce and he said, You are a Gringa.  Gringos (someone with white skin) have money.  I replied that I did not have much money and he said yes I did.  Then I replied that I worked for my money and that it was not given to me.  I then proceeded to tell him that I did not think he was a very good friend.  I had been practicing my Spanish with Daniel for the last two weeks, so I assumed that we were friends of some sort.  So it was quite a shock to me to have him think of me as a Gringo.  Which in my opinion is a racist way of looking a people.  Since we have been in Latin American countries, ever since Mexico.  We have been called a Gringo, sometimes in jest, sometimes in envy and sometimes in disgust.  In the past I have always tried not to take offense to being called a Gringo.  However, it deeply sadden me to realize that for some people in Latin America, I am just a Gingo; a judgment based on my skin color only which also includes the assumption that I have lots of money, and will be nothing else.  Needless to say, this fact disturbed for the remainder of the day.  It was difficult for me not be judgmental in return, I wonder if every Latin American person thinks this way or it just some.  Racism in any direction is a very damaging thing.

April 2 Santa Elena.  The weather is still windy and wet.  I am starting to get cabin fever.  We mostly worked on the web page and visited with people in the hostel.  The staff her is great, Shannon, Samantha, and Patricia do a great job introducing people to the area and explaining the many attractions in the area.  We have become quite fond of them.  I have found that after traveling for a year that I really crave the routine things like getting up the same time every morning and having a cup of coffee (I started drinking coffee while here in Costa Rica), cooking dinner instead of going out and sitting and reading a newspaper front to back.  Simple but pleasant activities.  
April 3 Santa Elena. We took a walk towards the cheese factory where we heard that we may see some Quetzals.  We sat where we thought we could see the wild avocado tree.  We waited and watched for about an hour and a half and did not see the elusive quetzal.  It was still a bit windy so we made plans to come back again another time.  Just as we were about to leave I looked up behind me a saw a female quetzal (a shorter tail), land in a tree behind us.  It turns out that we were sitting below the wild avocado tree.  Next time will  
April 4 Santa Elena.  We met Samantha at the bull ring this evening for the running of the bulls.  A similar event as what we saw in Liberia.  The running of the bulls is not like a bull fight.  It is more like a rodeo where a rider comes out of the gate riding a bull and then the bull has the opportunity to chase anyone in the ring that is nearby.  It is a tradition to tease the bull and have them chase you.  A very dangerous activity for any man.  The running of the bulls was suppose to start at 5:30 pm and really did not get going until around 7:00 pm, a typical delay in Latin America.  The bull ring was small and the bulls seemed more mellow than I expected.  Still it was entertaining.  Only one person was slightly injured when he got tangled up in the legs of the steer when he tried to dismount.  Tomorrow there will be a parade of horses in the town of Santa Elena.  
April 5 Santa Elena.  Walked to Monteverde in search of a quetzal again.  I briefly saw one, however, while waiting we saw a deer come out into the pasture.  This is the first deer we have seen since Arizona.  Amazing how little wildlife we have seen in other countries besides Costa Rica.

Shannon, Samantha and I made a Carbonara Sauce for spaghetti.  It was absolutely wonderful.  I am having a blast learning how to cook here at the Pension Santa Elena.

April 6 Santa Elena.  We went to SkyTrek/SkyWalk today.  We did the Sky Walk this morning at 7:30 am.  It was a beautiful walk through the canopy of the rain forest.  We crossed 6 suspension bridges in 3.5 kilometers.  The cost was $15.00.  If you plan to do the Sky Walk only I recommend that you go early.  Otherwise the noise from the Sky Trek will scare away all the wildlife and birds.  It was an enjoyable walk early in the morning.  
April 7 Santa Elena.  
April 8 Santa Elena. We finally made it to Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.    We took the 6:15 am bus from Santa Elena to Monteverde.  There were only three gringos on the bus and we were the only ones required to get a ticket, the cost for one way was $1.00.  We arrived at the park just before 7:00 am.  We used our student cards so it was half price at $6.00.  The cost to get into the reserve is divided into two different price structures, one for foreigners and the other for Costa Ricans.

We hiked down the Sendero Nuboso (Cloud Trail) first.  We were looking for anything kind of bird but we were really hoping to see a Quetzal.  At about 8:00 am we saw a Quetzal, we watched him in one tree and then fly into another tree near by.  We did get a photo or two however, the video was much better.  They are truly an amazing bird, an emerald green back and head, red stomach and long green with white tail feathers.  We search the rest of the day for another Quetzal and never saw one.  We did see a highland tinamou and other bird life.  The forest was a deep green and the different types of plants fascinating.

Back at Pension Santa Elena, we ran into Ruth and Nick from Leeds, England again.  We met them when we were in Omoa, Honduras, something like three months ago.

April 9 Santa Elena.  Worked on the web page for most of the day.  We have stayed in Pension Santa Elena for three weeks.  A lot of travelers have come and gone in that time.  Most of the travelers are from North America and Europe and a few have been from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, and South America. 

We also were here the day the war started in Iraq.  Protests immediately followed in the Costa Rica capital of San Jose.  We did not discuss the war to much in those first days.  However, as time went on we had many discussions with many travelers.  Rather than write a he said she said account of our discussions I have decided  to write a summary of everything I have heard.  So these remarks have come from one or more people.

After telling some people that we were American they told us that they were completely against the war in Iraq.  They held Tim and I responsible for the war that was going on in Iraq.  You are an American, you are responsible for this, you should do something about it (they wanted us to stop the war).  Many people held us personally responsible for the war in Iraq.  They also thought that the United States was basically an environmental cesspool because we (The United States) did not sign the Kyoto treaty.  There was no way of discussing either subject, hatred for the Americans was much too strong to overcome.

Some people could separate the difference between the actions of the United States Government and the people of the United States, some could not.  The people who could distinguish the difference were friendly to us, even though they may have been against the war.  Others were rude to us just because we were Americans and our country was fighting a war. Many people believed that the only reason the Americans went to war in Iraq is for their oil.  Americans are arrogant and money hungry capitalists.  Americans only care about themselves and not what happens in the rest of the world.  The overwhelming majority of travelers and locals (in many countries) who we talked to hated George Bush.  Some thought that America was like the Roman Empire and is ready to fall.

A few people felt that the United States was the only country with the military to fight Iraq or any other terrorist and that the military action must be done.  Again these people were a select few.

After three weeks of discussions I have to say I have come away feeling beat up.  Traveling as an American these days is not always easy.

April 10 Santa Elena - San Jose.  Caught the bus from Santa Elena to San Jose, it cost 1400 colones.  We packed our bike panniers (bags) away in boxes so we had 5 boxes, two carry ons, and our two bikes.  We were nervous that our belongings would not fit on the bus.  It all fit and we were on our way.  We arrived in San Jose at 8:00 pm.  As we were getting our boxes and bikes off the bus the bus driver would not let us remove our belongings.  I asked him what he wanted and he hesitated and then asked for 1000 colones ($2.50).  We were not surprised, we acted like we did not understand him and then I took my time getting him the money, he got distracted and walked away with out taking any money.  We loaded our belongings in a very small taxi and were off to the next bus terminal.  We landed at the Tica bus terminal at around 8:30.  We had to watch our stuff like a hawk.  Tim pointed out a guy who was scoping out our luggage.  This kept Tim on guard for the next 1.5 hours.  Again, we knew we were going to have a hard time getting our belongings on the bus.  Everyone had loaded their luggage on the bus, they shut the doors and still all our stuff was sitting outside the bus.  The baggage handler said he wanted $15.00 to put our luggage and bikes on the bus.  Tim asked for a receipt first.  The baggage handler came back with an adding machine print out for 4,000 colones ($10.20), the price had dropped.  He showed it to Tim first, and Tim said he would pay in the office.  In the mean time I asked the bus driver if we could put our bikes on the bus, he said sure no problem.  Hmm, he did not ask for any money.  So I did not give him any money.  Our bikes and luggage were put on the bus and we were on our way to Panama City.  So twice we were asked to pay for our bikes and twice we did not have to pay for the bikes.   I now know that there is no extra charge for bikes, I would gladly pay it if it was officially required, but in both cases it was not, it appeared to be yet another gringo tax.     
April 11 Costa Rica.  We arrived at the Penas Casas, border at 4:30 am.  It took us 3 hours to get through the border.  One person processed over one hundred people.  This is when the bicycle is much faster, we usually show up after the buses go through.  We arrived in Panama City at 5:00 pm.  The bus station was more like an airport terminal.  We took a taxi to our hotel Pension Volcan.  Since we are staying for six nights Tim negotiated a cheaper rate of $12 per night for a room with a private bath and air conditioning.
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DSC00001.JPG (611377 bytes)
Cindie crossing the border into Costa Rica.

DSC00116.JPG (618490 bytes)
Our camp at Playa Tamarindo.

DSC00058.JPG (594601 bytes)
Young cowboy in the parade.

DSC00063.JPG (583836 bytes)
The bull singles out one person

Surfer Dude

Female three-toed sloth, Manual Antonio.

White faced monkey, Manual Antonio.

Green and Black Poison Dart Frog held by our guide, Chepo.

Cindie, Cherie, James and Chepo at the swimming hole.

DSC00123.JPG (544896 bytes)
Sunrise at Playa Nosara.

Sunset at Playa Nosara.




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Villahermosa, Tabasco to Cuauhtemoc Chiapas, Mexico

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The States of Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico

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Our Final Weeks in Mexico

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- Museum La Venta and the Olmec Heads Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico
- Villahermosa, Tabasco  to Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Palenque #1 Photo Picture Page
- Palenque #2 Photo Picture Page
- Misol-Ha Waterfall Chiapas, Mexico
- Agua Azul Chiapas, Mexico
- Tonina Mayan Ruins Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Mexico's Day of the Dead Ocosingo, Chiapas, Mexico
- Ocosingo to Cuauhtemoc Chiapas, Mexico


(Dec 2 - 15, 2002)
Guatemala #1: The Highlands
Quetzaltenango to Antigua

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guatemala #1 The Highlands

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Guatemala: Riding Through the Highlands

Guatemala: From Paradise to Despair

Other Pages Tim Made
Escuela de Idioma Español Utatlan, Spanish Immersion School in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

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- La Mesilla to Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
- The Indigenous Highland Village of San Andreas Xecul
- Climbing the Volcano Santa Maria.
- Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
- Quetzaltenango to Antigua, Guatemala.
- San Pedro la Laguna Lago (Lake) Atitlan, Guatemala
- Lago (Lake) Atitlan Santa Cruz to San Marcos Hike
- More San Pedro Photos Photo Page


(Dec. 16, 2002 - Jan. 6, 2003)
Guatemala #2: Northeast Towards the Caribbean
Antigua to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Cindie's Daily Journals
Guatemala #2
: Heading Northeast Towards the Caribbean

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Antigua, Guatemala to the Sea

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- The Colonial City of Antigua, Guatemala. #1
- The Historical City of Antigua, Guatemala. #2
- The Active Volcano Pacaya, Near Antigua
- Antigua to Puerto Barrios, Guatemala
- The Mayan Ruins of Tikal, Guatemala
- Livingston, Guatemala


(January 7 - 31, 2003)
From the Guatemalan Border to the Nicaraguan Border

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Honduras: From the Guatemalan Border to the Nicaraguan Border

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- Honduras: The Border to Comayagua, Honduras
- Omoa, Honduras and Fortaleza de San Fernando de Omoa
- Parque Nacional Cero Azul Meambar, Honduras Page #1
- Parque Nacional Cero Azul Meambar, Honduras Page #2
- Comayagua to Tegucigalpa, Honduras
- Tegucigalpa, Honduras to the Border with Nicaragua
- Odds and Ends


(Feb. 1 - 19, 2003)
From the Honduras Border to the Costa Rican Border

Cindie's Daily Journals

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Nicaragua: Travels Through a Troubled Land

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- Nicaragua: The Honduras border to Esteli, Nicaragua
- Esteli, Nicaragua:  the Stronghold of the Sandinista
- Esteli to Granada, Nicaragua
- Granada, Nicaragua #1
- Granada, Nicaragua #2
- Volcano Masaya - Near Managua, Nicaragua
- Granada, Nicaragua to the Costa Rican Border
- Isla / Island Ometepe, Lake Nicaragua
- Ernie, The Entertainer from Jamaica


(Feb. 21 - March 14, 2003)
Costa Rica #1
La Cruz to Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica

Cindie's Daily Journals
Costa Rica #1

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Costa Rica #1 (incomplete)

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- Nicaraguan Border to Playa Tamarindo
- Liberia, Guancaste, Costa Rica.
- Playa Tamarindo
to Playa Samara
- Playa Samara to Playa Jaco
- Manuel Antonio National Park #1
- Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica #1
- Rancho Mastatal, Costa Rica #2


(March 15 - April 10, 2003)
Costa Rica #2
Manual Antonio to Monteverde Cloud Forest, Costa Rica

Cindie's Daily Journals
Costa Rica #2

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Costa Rica #2 (incomplete)

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- Parque National Manuel Antonio, #2
- City of Santa Elena and Monteverde
- Butterfly Garden, Santa Elena, Monteverde
- Finca Ecological, Monteverde
- Frog Pond (Ranario), Santa Elena
- Santa Elena, Cloud Forest, National Park
- Sky Walk, Suspension Bridge, Canopy Tour
- Sky Trek Zip Line, Canopy Tour
- Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve


(April 12 - 17, 2003)
Panama City, Panama

Cindie's Daily Journals

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Panama (Incomplete)

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- Panama City #1
- Panama City #2
- Panama Canal

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