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Chapter 9.  Guatemala: Exploring Exotic Cultures while bicycle touring.

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DSC00003.JPG (534113 bytes)
Old American school bus now a Guatemalan chicken bus.


DSC00002.JPG (543944 bytes)
Suicide shower, electrically heated water system we discovered is common in Guatemala.


DSC00018.JPG (506093 bytes)
A spider and his pray share our campsite.


DSC00022.JPG (608513 bytes)
Free camping on the side of the road under a public bus shelter.


DSC00005.JPG (600172 bytes)
Tim bicycle touring in the Guatemalan highlands.


DSC00011.JPG (591121 bytes)
Indigenous women leading us to their highland village after inviting us into their home.


DSC00027.JPG (165412 bytes)
Cindie being shown how to make colorful handmade indigenous clothing by hand.


DSC00034.JPG (196173 bytes)
Cindie in a cultural exchange with Guatemalan Indians.


DSC00013.JPG (606351 bytes)
Cindie pushing her bike through the corn field away from rural village.


DSC00024.JPG (600045 bytes)
Cindie searching for a hostel with her loaded touring bike in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala.

DSC00075.JPG (497237 bytes)
Indigenous woman in her traditional dress.

DSC00059.JPG (560003 bytes)
Rural villagers hand washing clothes at the community water system well and wash basin.

DSC00062.JPG (537951 bytes)
Picture of indigenous church with a mixture of Catholic and Mayan religious beliefs.

DSC00072.JPG (581755 bytes)
Indigenous girl commonly carry babies in homemade blankets on their back.

DSC00043.JPG (524416 bytes)
Yellow church combines Spanish Catholic traditions and traditional Mayan beliefs.

DSC00066.JPG (613778 bytes)
Ornate decorations complete with a pregnant Virgin Mary.

DSC00023.JPG (586732 bytes)
Erupting Volcano in Guatemala.

DSC00001.JPG (509057 bytes)
Distant mountains.

DSC00068.JPG (553361 bytes)
Communal farm work in a country village.

DSC00009.JPG (571454 bytes)
Open air market with indigenous woman keeping warm with an USA flag towel.

DSC00001.JPG (540560 bytes)
Free market capitalism in Guatemala thrives in the street market.

DSC00017.JPG (508052 bytes)
Bicycle touring picture in Guatemala.

DSC00002.JPG (571084 bytes)
Tim loading water on his touring bike collected from a Guatemalan community well.

DSC00009.JPG (553385 bytes)
Guatemalan highland indigenous family walking down the road with some of the women carrying baskets balanced on their heads.

DSC00011.JPG (581188 bytes)
Gorilla camping or free camp while bicycle touring.

DSC00025.JPG (534828 bytes)
Cindie cycling into Largo Lake Atilan.

DSC00002.JPG (546294 bytes)
Tim loading his tour bike on a ferry or boat taxi.

DSC00009.JPG (515920 bytes)
The bikes, panniers, and gear on public transportation.

DSC00034.JPG (601288 bytes)
The cult of San Simon a morphed Catholic saint.

DSC00036.JPG (616504 bytes)
Scenes of a rural impoverished highland village.

DSC00116.JPG (580442 bytes)
Historic church in San Pedro de Laguna, Guatemala.

DSC00058.JPG (609753 bytes)
The Catholic saint Virgin Mary in a traditional Mayan dress.

DSC00128.JPG (610000 bytes)
Coffee beans growing in the sun.

DSC00089.JPG (607298 bytes)
Lake Atitlan is ringed with volcanoes and indigenous villages.

DSC00108.JPG (614447 bytes)
Photo of boats on lake Atitlan, Guatemala.

vol.jpg (109951 bytes)
Image of Volcano San Pedro, Guatemala, Central America.

boat.jpg (125139 bytes)
Motorized boat with outboard motor on lake Atitlan, Central America.

DSC00095.JPG (549434 bytes)
Picture of indigenous children with traditional clothing in Guatemala.

DSC00108.JPG (530894 bytes)
Image of boat dock with natural vegetation and wildlife.

DSC00016.JPG (184798 bytes)
Picture of tourists, Tim and Cindie, in San Pedro De Laguna.

wedding.jpg (71591 bytes)
White wedding in Antigua, Guatemala.

DSC00026.JPG (578725 bytes)
Indigenous girl selling souvenirs in the plaza.

DSC00036.JPG (622370 bytes)
Hawkers taking a break from selling their hand made art.

DSC00030.JPG (616207 bytes)
Santa Claus talks to a woman in traditional Mayan dress.

DSC00032.JPG (622231 bytes)
Indigenous girls with baskets or bundles of hand made art work on their heads.

DSC00042.JPG (590721 bytes)
Old convent.

DSC00049.JPG (578263 bytes)
Hand made pottery.

DSC00067.JPG (572649 bytes)
Dance of the big heads.

DSC00003.JPG (543845 bytes)
The smoking and erupting volcano Picaya.

DSC00034.JPG (565592 bytes)
Tim looking into the shaft or come of a smoking volcano.

DSC00090.JPG (605952 bytes)
Water transportation.

DSC00036.JPG (588750 bytes)
Primitive house or shack with impoverished people living in poverty.

DSC00001.JPG (578812 bytes)
Tim fixing a flat puncture on the street.

DSC00044.JPG (560693 bytes)
The Mayan ruins of Tikal.

DSC00017.JPG (568100 bytes)
Temple 1 of the Mayan ruins of Tikal, Guatemala, Central America.

DSC00011.JPG (600301 bytes)
Traditional Caribbean food dish.

DSC00040.JPG (549168 bytes)
Old man taking a rest in the afternoon.

DSC00044.JPG (538951 bytes)
Dry fish in the sun, Livingston, Guatemala.

DSC00013.JPG (594337 bytes)



Bicycle touring in Guatemala and bike tour

Best Pictures from our 1st book The Road That Has No End taken in Arizona, Mexico, and Central America. (see 2nd book here)

Chapter 1.  Before We Left: From Dream to Reality
Chapter 2.  Arizona: Freedom at Last!
Chapter 3.  Sonora and Chihuahua, Mexico: A Whole New World
Chapter 4.  Zacatecas, Mexico: Hanging out in a Cantina
Chapter 5.  Guanajuato, Mexico: Learning To Speak Spanish
Chapter 6.  Michoacan, Mexico: What's For Lunch?
Chapter 7.  So close to Mexico City yet so far away
Chapter 8.  Tabasco and Chiapas, Mexico
Chapter 9.  Guatemala: Exploring Exotic Cultures
Chapter 10. Honduras: So much Poverty
Chapter 11. Nicaragua: Not What We Expected
Chapter 12. Costa Rica: Life is a Beach PAGE #1
Chapter 12. (continued) Costa Rica PAGE #2
Chapter 13. Panama City, Panama: Not Without My Bike

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