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The story of how I saved money, quit my job, sold my possessions, and set off to endlessly travel by bike around the world. My Plan

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 A new book about traveling in South America called: Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between

 Imagine selling all of your treasured possessions, leaving your comfortable life behind and heading out for unknown lands equipped with nothing but a bicycle, the bare essentials and a map. It would be the experience of a lifetime. But, what would it take - logistically, financially, emotionally - to make it a way of life?

 In their first book, The Road That Has No End, Tim and Cindie Travis detail their story of quitting the corporate world to spend a year on their bikes - starting from their hometown of Prescott, Arizona and finishing in Panama City, Panama.

 Down The Road in South America, their second book, takes us through the next phase of their journey the following year - from Quito, Ecuador and through South America. But they soon discover they’re on another kind of journey - one that would allow them to live the nomadic life indefinitely.

Travel with Tim and Cindie as they ride thousands of miles through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile. Experience what it’s like to be an American abroad during wartime; be invited into people’s homes and share their food, cultures and traditions; escape roadside robbers; sleep under the stars; witness the breathtaking beauty and devastating poverty of South America.  But most importantly, cheer them on as they come to the realization that their road truly has no end.

 As gasoline prices go higher and global warming becomes more of a concern using a bicycle for transportation is on the increase in the USA and interest in what it is like to live on a bicycle continues to grow.

 Their second book, Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between (ISBN 978-0-9754427-3-9, $21.95, 284 pages, 184 Black and White Photos, July 2008) about their travels, describes the South American year of their journey, when they flew from the USA to Quito, Ecuador.

 For ordering information or to receive a review copy of their book, contact Cindie Travis by email at [email protected] or visit their website at  Since the Travis’s travel in remote areas email is the best way to contact them.                 

About the Authors

 Tim and Cindie Travis have lived and experienced life on the road for over six years.  What started out as online journals and newsletters bloomed into two books over two continents.  In March 2002 the Travis’s quit their jobs, sold everything they owned and began an around the world bicycle tour.  Since then Tim and Cindie have ridden over 35,000 miles on their bicycles through 21 countries on 4 continents and have no plans to stop.  Their first book, “The Road That Has No End: How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure” was published in October 2004 and their second book, “Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between” was published in August 2008.

 Tim started riding bicycles in the mid-1970’s with a Campy five-speed bike, wool shorts and one of those funny leather helmets that cyclists wore back then. The bicycle racing movie "Breaking Away," hit the theaters and he quickly fell into racing. He was immersed in racing until he graduated from Indiana University in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in Physical Education.

 Cindie graduated from Northern Arizona University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology, rode a bicycle while attending university and didn’t start riding again until she met Tim.  After her first bike ride with Tim, she was hooked on cycling and Tim too.


Cindie’s knowledge of water quality and environmental hazards has proven to be valuable on the road while Tim’s experience with human behavior became a real asset during their journey. After all this time together, Tim and Cindie still enjoy each other’s company. Hobbies include learning the history of the area they are riding through and wildlife viewing.

 Second Book Information


Title: Down the Road in South America: A Bicycle Tour through Poverty, Paradise, and the Places in Between

 Author(s): Tim Travis and Cindie Travis

 Publisher:  Down the Road Publishing

                     2436 S. Lynhurst Dr. Suite C-101

                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

 Publication Date: August 2008

 Distributor: Lightning Source

 ISBN:       978-0-9754427-3-9

 Number of Pages: 284

 Photographs: 184 B&W photos

 Size, Type of Binding & Width of the Spine: 6x9 perfect bound, spine 0.64 inches

 Bar coded: Yes

 Price: USA $21.95

First book information

Title: The Road That Has No End: How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure.

 Author(s): Tim Travis

 Publisher:  Down the Road Publishing

                     2436 S. Lynhurst Dr. Suite C-101

                     Indianapolis, Indiana 46241

 Publication Date:     October 2004

 Distributor: Atlas Books

 ISBN:       0-9754427-0-8

 Number of Pages: 313

 Photographs: 152 B&W photos

 Size, Type of Binding & Width of the Spine: 6x9 perfect bound, spine 0.68 inches

 Bar coded: Yes 

Price: USA $21.95


First Book Information                                                                                                                 
















A Review of the Book, The Road That Has No End, by Tim Travis 

By Gianna Bellofatto Reid

“Travelers call the road home, and our home is a road that has no end.” 

These are the opening words imparted by Tim Travis about touring the globe on bicycle. Not just a diary about what he and his wife, Cindie ate, saw and where they slept. But a book that challenges materialism, consumerism and being a slave of bigger, better and more. Henry David Thoreau would be pleased.

The Road That Has No End: How We Traded Our Ordinary Lives For a Global Bicycle Touring Adventure is the beginning of an exotic adventure that Tim and Cindie Travis set out in 2002. They headed toward the Mexican Border and planned to travel through Central America, down the West Coast of South America, then onto South Africa, up the East Coast towards Portugal, into the United Kingdom, across Europe, the Middle East, Asia, China and onto Australia. Impossible! Dangerous! And crazy...are ways that some people might describe their plan. But nothing deterred Tim and Cindie.

Before their launch they saved several years toward one goal: COMPLETE FREEDOM! It’s that freedom we sample on weekends. But imagine no bills, no meetings, and a clear schedule to ride and ride and ride. This is what Tim and Cindie experienced in their first book that takes the reader from Arizona to Panama. But this took discipline, planning, talking and putting their marital partnership to the test.

The book has over 150 photos that capture the culture and people encountered. Some authors may have condensed the entire trip into one volume. However, Tim is writing separate books to cover each leg of the journey. Just like the ride, the read is unhurried, and the feeling for the details is remarkable. His description of Lake Atitlian in Guatemala, a natural world wonder, had me daydreaming of riding along its shores to experience it firsthand. I found myself reaching for the brake handle when they descended into the Volcano of San Pedro. I could smell the burning rubber brake pads. I felt as if I knew the people south of our borders a bit better and marveled how their lives held happiness with so much less than we Americans typically possess and need. 

As Tim described it, “We learned the true nature of ‘poverty’ and how the meaning of ‘happiness’ is as individual as the people we met.”

The Road That Has No End is part philosophy, geography, anthropology and travel. It’s about living a life that many of us never even dare to dream. This sort of trip isn’t for everyone. So, the next best thing is to read the book(s) and enjoy.


Frequently Asked Questions.


·         How long before you left did you decide to travel the world by bicycle?

·         What did people think when you told them you were going to do this trip?

·         How did you come up with your budget?

·         How did you decide what your route would be?

·         How much planning did you do prior to leaving?

·         What kinds of technology did you take with you?

·         What was the most difficult part of the trip?

·         What was the most dangerous part of the trip?

·         What was the most fun part of the trip?

·         What was your favorite place that you visited?

·         How did you decide what to do each day?

·         How did you spend so much time together and still get along?

·         What advice do you have for others contemplating doing a trip like this?

·         Would you do it again?

·         How do you make money to support your travels?

·         What made you decide to turn your adventure into a book?

·         Who would enjoy reading this book?

·         How do people get a copy of your book?


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