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The story of how we saved money, quit our jobs, sold our possessions, and set off to bicycle tour and travel around the world

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5-3-08 to present
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9-16-07 to 5-2-08
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SE Asia / China
11-22-04 to 9-15-06
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We have bicycle toured in Central/South America, Asia, Australia, and Canada

1:39 Min. VIDEO

Bicycle Touring Laos in South East Asia

5:15 min. VIDEO

Where do you work and write as you bicycle tour abroad or travel overseas?

1:17 Min. VIDEO

Prescott, Ariz. couple traveling the world on their bikes ride through Central New York

 3:04 Min VIDEO

Tim & Cindie Travis Interview with Pueblo Colorado Public Television

 1:03 Min.VIDEO

Radio interview with and NPR public radio of Flagstaff, Arizona

4:30 Min. VIDEO

Radio interview with pictures with KGNU

5:14 Min. VIDEO

Cycle Tour South America

2:55 min. VIDEO

Australian Radio (ABC) Interview with Cindie Travis
DSC00009.JPG (597482 bytes)
5:01 min. VIDEO

Tasmania, Australia: Penguins and Kangaroos

5:01 min. VIDEO

Bicycle Tour Australia's Great Ocean Road

4:11 min. VIDEO

Touring Cyclist Home Stay Malaysia SE Asia

5:36 min. VIDEO

Have You Ever Wanted To See The World

1 min. VIDEO

A Great Intro!

Bicycle touring  Thailand SE Asia

4:36 min. VIDEO

Bicycle Touring Laos in South East Asia

5:15 min. VIDEO

What Kind of Health Problems have you Experienced Overseas

2:22 Min. VIDEO

Adopting the Nomadic Cycling Life Indefinitely and living on a bicycle Tour for Many More Years

0:34 Min.  VIDEO

Why Touring Bicycles with 26inch Wheels Instead of 700c on your bikes?

1:28 Min. VIDEO

How Do You Finance and pay for Such a Long Bicycle Touring Trip?

1:06 Min. VIDEO

What Is Your Daily Budget for Your Around the World


Audiophiles unite.  Download and listen to mp3 audio files of bicycle touring PodCast shows about here.  Downloading more bike tour, cycling, and travel files

Mp3 Audio:  interview with Brian of about bicycle touring tires, safety, crime, food, free camping techniques, and more

Mp3 Audio: We had several short radio interview blurbs on the WRBI radio station, Indiana, USA

Mp3 Audio: Bicycle Touring PodCast interview with Freidel of

Mp3 Audio:  interview with Darren Alff of Bicycle Touring Pro

MP3 Audio: Kansas Cyclist Podcast

MP3 Audio: KNAU/NPR Flagstaff, Arizona - Morning Edition

 MP3 Audio: San Francisco BikeScape podcast (see blog post) with Jon Winston (60 minutes)

MP3 Audio: Hear our radio interview (mp3) with KGNU Denver/Boulder  (53:35 minutes)

MP3 Audio: This is Cindie's 2nd radio interview in Australia and this time she is in the studio with great sound quality (18:45 minutes)

MP3 Audio: Bike Tourist podcast Interview (54 minutes)

MP3 Audio: ABC Radio, Australia Interview (10 minutes)

MP3 Audio: Hear our very first radio interview KGNU Radio Interview

MP3 Audio: Hear Chapter 1 of our 7.5 hour Audio Book! "The Road That Has No End" (34:15 minutes Purchase full version HERE )






Bike Laos Video Download mpeg






Free bicycle touring video vlog and downloadable bike tour movie film podcast videocast videoblog


Our 3rd Book
Down The Road in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam

A Bicycle Tour Through War, Genocide and Forgiveness

Our 2nd book
Down The Road in South America

A bicycle tour through poverty, paradise, and the places in between.

Our 1st book
The Road That Has No End

How we traded our ordinary lives for a global bicycle touring adventure.

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