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Book Reviews for

The Road That Has No End
How We Traded Our Ordinary Lives for a Global Bicycle Touring Adventure

David Thomson (Oregon, USA) November 5, 2007

Adventure travelling with Tim and Cindie

This is a terrific adventure story. Tim and Cindie Travis have one adventure after another touring the world by bicycle. Unlike travel books that gloss over much of the trip to focus on a few highlights, this book gets you into the day by day travel adventure frame of mind. While several days might go by without a headline event, I loved following along and wondering what was around the next bend. The descriptions of people met along the way, and how they relate to Americans and foreigners in general are wonderful.

F. Thomas "Touring Bicycle Lover" (Southern California) August 12, 2007

An Excellent Read and Source of Encouragement for Any Adventurer

A fascinating couple who have risked it all to step outside of the box and launch an adventure of a lifetime. An interesting perspective of life on the road on bicycles and the challenges met in countires across the globe. Worth the time to read even if you never leave your easy chair!

Mark Redmond "The Book Bandit" (Winston-Salem, NC) August 11, 2007

No End In Sight!

The Road That Has No End is a great travelogue about adventure cycling at its best: selling everything and traveling the globe on two wheels. What Tim and Cindie Travis have accomplished, and continue at this very moment, is an extraordinary feat by ordinary folks. If you want to know what it is really like, and learn what it really takes to accomplish a goal such as theirs, I can think of no volume more essential than this first installment in their globe-trekking adventure. And the fun doesn't have to end there! They also maintain an active web presence with regular photo and journal updates. I have been following their adventures for years. I am looking forward to volume two. I'm sure it will be as entertaining and informative as The Road That Has No End.

Chris Kinley August 10, 2007

Dodging Iguanas

Think of quitting your job, selling all your stuff and heading down the road on your bike for seven or more years. Now multiply that by two and you have the Travises. Tim and Cindie Travis, a couple from Arizona, USA have done just that and continue to do it. Along the way they have maintained a comprehensive website, taken hundreds of digital images, interviewed for radio and fed a growing online community ( with newsletters, emails and daily journals. To add to the list of achievements, Tim has now penned a book - The Road That Has No End covering the first year ('02-'03) of their journey. This first instalment in a series takes the reader through the genesis and preparation of this grand adventure, then the ride itself from their home down through Central America. This volume under Tim's name is in travelogue format with dates, places, and many digital photos. The experiences are often contrasting and in the world of the cycling traveller - unavoidable. Travis tells of robbery attempts, corrupt officials, vicious dog packs, vindictive crop dusters, hail storms and the enigmatic `melon bombers'. Their travels however, are not all dire. The people from Arizona to Panama are found most often to be friendly, helpful and hospitable. The scenery, from deserts to beaches, lakes to volcanoes, crowded cities to lonely canyons - a treat for their eyes - at 20km per hour. With a plethora of travel books in print, Travis gives us the reader an offering that most do not. When we read 'The Road That Has No End', whether it be now or next month or next year, we know they're still out there, asking directions, sampling the local delicacies, dodging iguanas and grinding their way from country to country; always heading - down the road.

Brick Thomas "Brick" (Indiana) August 10, 2007

Ordinary people become great adventurers

This book is a first hand account of a fantastic adventure by "ordinary people". The writing style is friendly and informative and by the end you will find it inspiring. "Professional editing" may have made the book easier to read but I found it refreshing to know that the person telling the tale was the actual adventurer and not a suit in New York City. If you have bicycle toured or plan to cycle into mexico, central or south american you will probably find this book very interestng and helpful.

Bruce E. Layne (Lexington, KY United States) August 10, 2007

Living The Dream

Many people dream of taking an extended bike touring vacation. Others dream of chucking the trappings of the modern world, getting on their bikes, and riding wherever they want, whenever they want. Tim and Cindie are living the dream. This is not a How-To book with a lot of details to help the reader plan an international bike tour, although there is a lot of practical information that can be learned from their extensive experience traveling abroad. Instead, this is a book to entertain and inspire. Even if you don't sell everything and start a new globe-pedaling bike nomadic lifestyle, The Road That Has No End still contains much to motivate you to achieve whatever dream is important to you. It can broaden your horizons and correct the myopia that most of us have concerning our own lives. If Tim and Cindie can bike around the world and experience all the geography and culture the world has to offer, what can you do?

The writing style is conversational and easy to read. I felt as if I met Tim and Cindie by accident while touring and asked where they had been, and they spent the next three hours telling me. This is the sort of book that could only be written after such an intense and consuming personal experience as theirs, spending years on the road, bicycling through country after country, and overcoming hills, headwinds, cultural differences, language barriers, and corrupt border guards.

I bought the audio book version and I loved it. I'm anxiously awaiting their second book. I also enjoy their emails from the road. They're like getting a vacation postcard from a friend, with interesting news and usually some audio or video documenting their recent travels.

S R (Minnesota)  August 10, 2007

Waiting for Volume II,

I love reading books about other people's travels by bicycle. I only wish I had the presence of mind to put down my own trip to Russia ten years ago, while it was still fresh in my mind. This book was totally enjoyable for me, except for one minor point; The road my not have an end, but the book did! I want to know what happened next! Of course I check the website, and get the newsletter but I wish the book had gone on, or that there was a second book, or more. I found it very readable, enjoyable and relaxing. Having some experience with Latino culture, particularly Colombian and Mexican, I found the comparisons between countries fascinating.

Alan N. Wechsler "chocolate invectives" (new york) August 10, 2007

Inspiring reading for any (armchair) adventurer traveler

The Travises are living the dream -- they've found a way to support themselves by writing while spending up to 20 years traveling the world on bikes. Travis, though not a writer by trade, has found his voice early on and spins a yarn that captures the heart. The fact that this couple is still riding, and will be writing about their adventures for years to come, makes the book even more enjoyable -- as you read, you know they're still out there. Anybody looking for inspiration, or a reason to get off their couch and go out somewhere in search of adventure, should read this book.

Don E. Maceachern "Happy Listener" (Charlottetown P.E.I. Canada) August 10, 2007


If you like to read stories about travel on a bike then this is the book for you.I found it exciting and informative.It was like a diary between some friends and that included me.I feel the book has two purposes.The first is to finance their continuing travel and the second to to inform.You receive images from off the main routes and interact with the locals.It is a must read.

Aristeidis Vagourdis (Athens, Greece) August 9, 2007

Best Travelogue!

Probably the best travelogue I have ever read! I am into several sports (diving, motorbikes, sailing) and travelogues is my favorite pastime read (both on-line and in print). Tim Travis' book is enjoyable and captivating! It is very realistically written and with a high level of sincerity with regard to their experience and personal emotions. The introductory part (before departure) is, also, adding much to the book. The risks associated with abandoning successful careers and lives is probably the reason not everyone is out there chasing secret dreams. Their path towards the decision, the preparation and the departure is very originally written and actually gives the best insight of the personalities that the reader will travel with for the rest of the book(s). One singe point of criticism: I understand that the book is not a travel guide but I think that colour pictures would be a great enhancement to the book. Looking forword to their second book!

A. Ihnen (Saint Louis) August 9, 2007

A great book about real people on an amazing journey

Tim and Cindy Travis are two (somewhat) ordinary people who have managed to ride their bicycles through, around and over several continents. These aren't Navy Seals or NY Times travel writers. To me, this is what makes their travel and this book so special. I follow their travels on the website and found the book to be a great supplement to their updates and videos. Buy the book - enjoy the story and support adventure!

P. A. Power (UK) 13 May 2007

Excellent, excellent, excellent

Tim and his wife Cindie left their home in the US in 2002 to cycle around the world and this book is their first journal recording their life on the road. Unlike other cycle touring books, this book really does tell it as it really is, warts and all. Inspirational and informative, it's a real page turner packed full of over 150 photographs taken on their journey. Tim and Cindie are still on the road on their bicycles and are at the time of writing this review, they are exploring Australia. An amazing story of two people who've swapped the dreary nine-to-five routine for a life of adventure and exploration. I've read this from cover to cover and as the other reviewer said, my only complaint with this book is I'm still waiting for the next edition! You can catch up with their latest news on their website

James Conboy March 23, 2007

A Great Read!

As a 59 year old cyclist whose bike tours are limited to the States I found this book to be very good. It took me places I will never go myself with a narrative style that made me feel as though I was with Tim and Cindie Travis. I greatly admire these two, the places they pass through in Mexico, and Central America often put them at risk but the rewards those places provided in terms of the scenery and people they met makes it all worthwhile for them and for their readers.

Joe V "Joe" (Florida) March 8, 2007

A wonderful read

You do Not have to be a cyclist to enjoy this fantastic adventure. I Can't wait for their next addition. It is very uplifing and shows many times the good in our species.

B. Tanner (NC, USA) February 18, 2007

Non-stop adventure!

Wow - what an exciting read! I really don't understand all the people here who are complaining about the writing style. They're missing the point entirely. These are *cyclists*, not English professors. The sheer amount of adventure in this book more than makes up for any grammar faux pas. The way Tim relates the stories makes you feel like you are right there in the middle of it all. Some of the things they experienced are just incredible. If you like adventure, get this book - you won't regret it!

Joseph Bouwman November 1, 2006

An excellent adventure

I have read numerous books on cycling adventures but The Road that has no End is the single best book combining a practical guide for cyclists and a story of adventure for all readers. Tim provides in-depth discussions of why they are travelling and how they changed their "ordinary" lives in a practical and easy to read manner. The struggles and hardships combine with the simple joys they experience on a daily basis. Cyclists can easily relate to the frustrations of biking against a strong headwind or up long mountains and at the same time, share the simple pleasures of watching a sun set or trying to communicate in a strange language. This book is for everyone with any interest in adventure and as an avid reader of these books, I highly recommend it without any reservation. My only disappointment came when I finished it and have to wait until his next book comes out.

Gerard Carton (UK) February 1, 2006


The is a superb travelogue about a couple who sold up everything to travel around the world. The book shows all the highs and lows and dangers of their (still ongoing) trip on two wheels.  With some great photos too. This book is up there with the best of them-including the excellent "Miles From Nowhere" by Barbara Savage. My only gripe is that I have to wait until the second installment of this mindblowing and thought provoking trip. A truly great piece of work.

Reba J. Hoffman (Florida USA) January 21, 2006

The greatest book I've ever read! Tim and Cindie paint an inspiring portrait of adventure, compassion and hardship that captures the pioneer spirit. I have now traveled throughout Central America, albeit vicariously through their bicycling adventure. It is a compelling drama that touches the very core of the human need to explore unseen lands. Marvelously written! Captivating!

This is a must read for cyclotourists and book enthusiasts of all genres.

Charles DiBella (Big Island, Hawaii)  May 29, 2005

A great read worth experiencing,

See all my reviews Tim Travis's book is an exceptional read. You'll be able to travel along with Tim and his wife Cindy down fabulous roads seldom explored and learn the ins and outs of how to get around in a world sometimes friendly, sometimes hostile. You receive tips not found in bestseller tour guides, and you'll find out where to go and where not. You'll learn to save money on everything from hotel rooms to local food on the street, and you'll get the feel of what it's like to travel in the rough, on a narrow budget, along with high tech tools, combining the internet, laptop, and digital photography. Tim and Cindy have a detailed website you won't want to miss, chock full of even more tips, tricks, links, and photographs. They continue to make regular entries to journals, keeping you posted on where they are, and answering questions from a huge international audience. This is an 8 year trip around the world, and this book is the first of a long and exciting series. If you're planning to tour professionally anywhere, alone or with a friend, need the motivation to start, or just want to dream about high adventure, this is the book for you. You'll not only have the time of your life, but you'll make yourself two great new friends with Tim and Cindie. Packed with photographs, this book is a best buy!

Bob Spear  Heartland Reviews  May 11, 2005

Imagine you and your spouse have decided to sell everything you own to buy a couple of touring bikes and everything you will need to peddle down the road and around the world. That is what this author and his wife did after seven years of planning and preparation. This volume is about the first leg of their journey: from Arizona through the length of Mexico and on through Central America. They intend to travel on through South America, Africa, Europe, and Asia. It is a heartwarming and terrifying tale he tells. The most important aspects is how he developed street smarts and how people keep surprising him with their goodness. We rated this book a high three hearts.

P. Anderson May 1, 2005

A super fast and easy read.

This book is a great read for anyone considering a tour in Latin America. The book goes a long way toward dispelling many myths about Latin America. Tim and Cindie went into Mexico on bicycles with little to no ability to speak Spanish and yet got along with the people there very well. The portion of their trip depicted in this book was a very positive cultural exchange. The book really gives the reader the feeling of "I can do this." In support of their book and travels the author maintains an interesting web site and is very accessable to readers that have questions. If you read the book you will find yourself daydreaming about "your" adventure and anxiously waiting for Tim and Cindie's next book.

Reviewer: Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA), January 8, 2005

A travelogue of two people who dared to live their dream.

The Road That Has No End is an amazing travelogue of two people who dared to live their dream, setting aside their ordinary lives to embark on a worldwide cycling adventure. Learning to live frugally on the road while maintaining an internet journal, they observed a religious pilgrimage in Mexico, ancient Aztec and Mayan ruins, the cloud forests of Costa Rica, survived the attack of a pesticide-spraying airplane in Guatemala and much more. Over 150 black-and-white photographs illustrate this enchanting journey past cultural differences, environmental hardship. Both travelers had to learn how to bribe border guards and avoid thieves, yet the majority of their experience with various cultures exposed misconceptions concerning daily life and motivations south of America's borders. A journey that was neither as dangerous as some fear mongers would claim nor as safe as the overly idealistic would lead one to believe, The Road That Has No End is a unique personal testimony especially recommended for armchair travelers or anyone considering an extended international bicycle tour of their own.

Reviewer: Alice Klein of Sime-Gen website December 15, 2004

As a fellow traveler, albeit in the comfortable driver’s seat of my motor home and not the back of a bike, I admit I was intrigued when offered the chance of reviewing [The Road That Has No End] by Tim Travis.  I was not disappointed.

The reader follows the travels of Tim and his wife, Cindie, as they sell most of their worldly possessions and start off on a proposed seven year bike journey from Prescott, Arizona to see the world.  This particular book
details the first leg of their long journey from home through Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and, eventually, Panama.  One feels the entire gamut of emotions as their story unfolds.  Some incidents are funny; some sad and some downright dangerous.  What did they learn on this trip?  Tim describes it best.  “We learned the true nature of ‘poverty’ and how the meaning of ‘happiness’ is as individual as the people we met…”

This book is for anyone who likes to visit different places and cultures…both the active traveler and the “armchair” adventurer.  I can hardly wait to read the next installment in their personal odyssey.  Until then, Tim (and Cindie, too)…Happy Traveling!

Reviewer:  Barb Kates, The Corner Book Store, Winterset, Iowa, December 14, 2004

The Road That Has No End, by Tim Travis

 Tim and Cindy Travis decided to live their dream. They worked at their respective jobs in Prescott, Arizona, diligently saving money for the day when they could set out on the journey of a lifetime – on bicycles! They prepared by ridding themselves of all things that the average couple would consider necessary to own. They prepared a budget for the life they would lead on the road.

 They biked south through Arizona, into Mexico, and kept riding south into Central America. Tim and Cindy’s riveting account of their travels depicts a life south of the border about which we know very little.

Their travels took them on roads not well-traveled, through tiny villages and larger cities. They crossed many borders, dealt with many border guards, and learned to guard their belongings closely to avoid theft. In Mexico they learned to speak Spanish so that they could converse with indigenous people in all the countries they traveled. They spoke with the native people, learned their customs, and observed their celebrations.

 They biked up and down miles and miles of narrow roads. Your legs will hurt just reading about the agony they went through pedaling up hills in extreme heat, rain, and wind. You’ll be scared too when you read about the strange sounds outside their tent at night. You’ll admire their stamina, their determination, and their inquisitive minds.

 The book has many photos of their trip, and is a quick read. Enjoy it! Maybe you’ll be moved by the spirit to do something like Tim and Cindy did!

 Barb Kates
The Corner Book Store
Winterset, Iowa

Reviewer: Linda B. Jenkins, November 28, 2004

I've tucked 'The Road That has No End' away as a Christmas present for my husband but couldn't help but take a peak at some of it before wrapping it.  I thought, reading many of the emails I would have 'read it already' but I was in for a surprise.  I can't wait for my husband to share it more fully with me.  Since I've been in many of the places covered in this book I look forward to revisiting them through Tim & Cindy's eyes and experiences.  The writing is so well done it feels one can almost have the experience without the hardships.  Thank you for giving me such a perfect Christmas present to give to a man who biked with his daughter from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then biked from the San Francisco Bay area to Ashland, Oregon with a bunch of Rotarians.  What a ride.....what a read!  Thanks again.
Linda B. Jenkins, RN
[email protected]

Reviewer: Kathy Saunders, November 2, 2004

"The Road That Has No End" . . . and what a ride it is! From the time I began receiving Tim and Cindie's email journals, I couldn't wait for the book. I've been given the gift of travel without leaving home, and I didn't want the book to end. The bonus is that their narrative doesn't just give you the Fodor's version . . . you get the "real" tour. -- Kathy Saunders Prescott, AZ., USA

Reviewer: Matt Harper, November 1, 2004

Sadly, I must report that I am finished with "The Road that Never Ends."  Sad because of how engrossed I was in the book.   I didn't want it to end. It was such a fascinating read that I couldn’t put it down. 

The book is a terrific mix of travelogue and philosophy. I suppose that in that philosophy I was reminded of Henry David Thoreau, his love of nature and the world outside our safe, well worn existence. 

 " ... But alone in the distant woods or fields, in unpretending sprout-lands or pastures tracked by rabbits, even in a bleak and, to most, cheerless day, like this, when a villager would be thinking of his inn, I come to myself, I once more feel myself grandly relatedI thus dispose of the superfluous and see things as they are, grand and beautiful..." 

Thoreau's Journal, January 7, 1857

This book takes that feeling of being "grandly related" to another level.  Indeed, I was taken by the depth of feeling that flowed from the pages.  Other books of this kind come across as somewhat dispassionate in their delivery.  They seem to be more of a personal testimonial only.  This is not true in “The Road That Never Ends.”  The book draws the reader into the travels to the point that you feel as though you can feel and taste everything.  Even though this book is more descriptive than others, the text is what makes the reader feel more a part of the experience. It is infused with an indefinable element that is hard to quantify.   I definitely felt more a part of the book “The Road That Never Ends” than I have other adventure books I have read.

I certainly hope that this is only the beginning book in a series.  If this is so, I can’t wait to read the next installment.  It was truly a rare and engaging book to read.  Thank you for making our lives a bit richer for your experiences.   Matt Harper

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